What's On Lady Gaga's Face?

Even when Lady Gaga is fully immersed in a charity event for her Born This Way Foundation, the singer firmly remains "Lady Gaga," with her totally out there look and style. At a SoulCycle event in Chicago, Lady Gaga looked like she had a face tattoo, with the key word being "looked."

Gaga posed with her mom Cynthia Germanotta while wearing an ornate drawing and designs on her face, a mere few days after debuting tassel sunglasses. It looked like a fake tattoo or henna or some sort of sticker. Whatever the case, it was unique and very like the Gaga of yore, who did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, when it came to her accessories and making a statement.

Gaga's eyes were rimmed, so it looked like glasses, but the designs on her chin and along her face looked like a beard and/or a tattoo. The fake face ink mimicked a lot of things, actually, and that's what made it so fun. You can't quite figure out what Gaga and her glam squad did to create this look, which is indeed very Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead."

The designs also appeared as though some time and care went into creating them. It was not sloppy or quick by any means.

Can we talk for a second about how stylish Mama Germanotta is with her glossy red shades, her skull print scarf, and her leather jacket? She's not anywhere near as outrageous as her daughter, of course, but she surely has her own fun look.

Gaga's face paint/faux tattoo/henna look also featured some heavy decoration on her forehead.

If you ever wondered what Ma Monster looked like with a facial tattoo, well, here's the closest thing you're going to get to that. Until she actually goes out and gets one, that is.

At least it was fun to pretend. Who needs jewelry with this kind of facial accessory?!

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2)