Could Sandra Bullock's New Title As 'People's "Most Beautiful Person" Be a Sign That She's Making A Comeback?

Throughout her career, Sandra Bullock has been known as America's Sweetheart. Even though she's been known for her fair share of comedic roles, she also has no problem tackling serious dramas and even heartfelt love stories. It's no lie that Bullock has made some pretty iconic movies in her day, but recently, we really haven't seen very much of her on the big screen (and that makes me sad). But now that Sandra Bullock was named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman of 2015, is this a clear sign that she's making her way towards a comeback, if she hasn't already?

After 2009, with the success of The Proposal and The Blind Side, Bullock seemed to put her career on hold. Part of this, of course, was due to some personal issues she was working through: In March 2010, rumors arose that Bullock's husband at the time, Jesse James, had affairs with several different women. When some of the rumors turned out to be true, on April 28, 2010, it was reported that Bullock had filed for divorce. On the same day, Bullock announced that she would continue to adopt a son in New Orleans (a process James and her had worked on earlier) as a single parent. With her separation (and eventual divorce) it's no wonder Bullock took some time off to herself.

However, in 2011, when her film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close received mixed reviews (despite being nominated for two Academy Awards) people wondered if Bullock had finally reached her prime. While her acting ability was commended, the film itself was given a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with some pretty harsh negative comments, to say the least.


But of course, in 2013, Bullock came back with not one but two hot movies. Where The Heat gave us the classic comedian Bullock we all know and love, Gravity gave us something completely different. Ranking in $716 million at the box office worldwide, Gravity became Bullock's most successful picture of her career. Aside from several awards nominations (including the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress), the movie also made Bullock Forbes' highest-paid actress of 2014.

Now, she was just named People 's Most Beautiful Person of 2015 — and there is really no one more deserving. As she peaks in popularity once again, the question on all of our minds is, what's next for her career? While she already has a few small roles underway (including the voice of Scarlet Overkill in the new Minions movie) there's no telling what move she will make next.

Aside from acting, Bullock also worked as the executive producer for her upcoming film Our Brand Is Crisis, which hits theaters sometime next year. Could she possibly be pulling an Angelina Jolie and making a transition to behind the camera? Imagine the possibilities if she decided to direct. I would love to see what she would do with a drama or comedy.


Or could her next step be something similar to Rachel McAdams with a brand new show? After all, Bullock is no stranger to television. She made several appearances on the show, Working Girl back in the '90s. (I personally, would love a Miss Congeniality spin-off series, but that's just me.)

I guess only time will tell with this successful Hollywood actress, but if I know anything about Bullock, whatever she does, it's sure to be amazing!

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