'True Detective' Season 2 Poster Could Mean A Lot For The Upcoming Season — PHOTO

Fans of HBO's True Detective have been anxiously awaiting Season 2 of the mystery anthology, and things like this? Not making that wait any easier. The new True Detective Season 2 teaser hit the Internet in early April, and now HBO is giving us yet another clue towards the ultimate mystery. HBO released the new Season 2 True Detective poster on Wednesday and it's just enough to make fans go nuts over the potential for the new season. The minimalist moving poster features winding highway with tiny black cars weaving through the lanes. The highways are subtly cracked, and around the edges is pure blackness, giving the entire poster a haunting feel. But perhaps the eeriest part of the poster is the show's tagline overlaid over the image: "We get the world we deserve."

The poster might be the very first mystery that we have to crack on the new True Detective — what would make the characters "deserve" the madness of a world like the ones that True Detective invites us into?

While we don't yet know the answer to that question, we do know the most basic reason for the highway motif: According to True Detective spoilers, a major plot point of the new series is the business dealings involving a high-speed railroad system used to combat the traffic problem in Southern California. Taylor Kitsch will play a California highway patrol officer, and the first major murder of the series will involve a city manager found dead along a freeway. It seems that, on this show, all roads lead back to... well, the freeway.

Of course, the highway motif also has some more metaphorical implications. If Season 2 is anything like the original True Detective, the mystery won't be so cut and dry — some "roads" will lead nowhere,and others will send them in directions that they could never have anticipated.

It also might hint at the new narrative change for Season 2: The new episodes will be told from the perspectives of three different characters, which places each person on a new "path" along the story that are free to cross with other's at any point.

Exactly who these characters are and what their stories entail, though, is something we'll have to save for Season 2, which returns to HBO on June 21.

Check out the new teaser for True Detective below.

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Image: HBO/YouTube