This Cat Prefers To Stand On Two Legs, And Absolutely No One Is Mad About It — PHOTOS

There are three types of people in the world: People who love cats and hate dogs, people who love both dogs and cats, and people who love dogs and think cats are scary creatures that might one day run the world. If you fall into the third category, your worst fears have been confirmed. On the other hand, if you're somebody who's living with a cat or you're trying to make your cat internet famous, then I have great news: There's a cat walking on his hind legs and it is almost too good to be true.

Meet George. He thinks he's a human and no one has the heart to tell him otherwise. So just, shhhh! Be cool. His human owner took to Reddit to show the world his insanely skilled cat and/or our future evil dictator, George. The most striking part of the George-Thinks-He's-A-Human saga, is the fact that he's pulling it off. His human characteristics are on point. His frown has surpassed cranky old man status, to the extent that George could probably put Grumpy Cat out of business. I understand that statement is blasphemous for some, but I personally think it's time that Grumpy Cat takes a seat. If a President can only hold office for 2 terms, then Grumpy Cat should be forced to step down from the top of the viral cat food chain in order to make way for King George, Future Dictator.

Presenting, his majesty:

It's just too good for my eyes. Look. At. That. Frown.

The way he tilts his head up and gazes wistfully is too human. Like, is he posing for his senior class portrait? Probably.

He could take over McKayla Maroney, because George is not impressed.

This photo is the only evidence we have that he won't be an evil dictator, because he's showing a pensive side. D'awwww.

Needless the say, George is going to need other feline friends to help him build a monarchy. It'll be like Royals, for cats.

Okay, so if George does become a dictator, he'll take a mate. She'll be a retired courtesan, à la Moulin Rouge. Her majesty is the pretty lady on the left. But then, her majesty will fall for another. (The stud on the right.)

The monarch's butler (top left) watches the whole affair play out. Scandal.

And then, of course, King George will set up parliament, because he can't have a monarchy without a ruling body. And that's where these fine gentlemen come in:

The one on the far left is the intern. But don't worry, he'll learn. They always do.

In order for George's monarchy is stay in power, he'll need an army of loyal followers. To put it in Mean Girls terminology, he needs an army of skanks.

I mean, it's possible that these kittens are part of a reformed gang, but I doubt it.

And then finally, George will need a Chancellor, which is only a job for Grumpy Cat IRL.

After Grumpy Cat stepped down as ruler of the viral food chain, the monarch decided to keep GC around to help advise. A wise choice.

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