Clark Beckham Wows With A 'Beatles' Classic On 'American Idol' & Proves He Should Win This Competition

We've reached the final episodes of American Idol and the front-runners are starting to become clear. One of those front-runners is Clark Beckham. The 22-year-old wowed with The Beatles' "Yesterday" and has proved himself as the Idol king of ballads — which really speaks to his talent. While he might not have the strongest fan base, Beckham definitely has the voters in the palm in his hand. His talent and looks (seriously, let's talk about those baby blues) have America voting for him week after week. Beckham is the strongest vocalist of this season and he deserves to win the title.

Beckham is the only contestant that has been consistent week after week. He's also one of the only performers that can stand on the stage and just sing. The best thing about Beckham is that he doesn't have to rely on the smoke and mirrors to love him. Just standing behind a microphone or sitting behind a piano and singing is enough to wow the judges and America, and that speaks volumes of his talent. Beckham is the only contestant of this season to have such a pure talent and that's why he deserves to win the title.

The issue is, though, that Beckham probably won't win. He'll get to the final two but will lose to someone with a stronger fan base (*ahem Jax ahem*). Beckham's voice is the most suited for radio and the current music scene. But Jax's following is so strong that it will kick him out of the race once we get to the end. If the judges could weigh in their votes 50%, Beckham would easily be crowned the winner. But unfortunately, that's not the case. Win or lose, Beckham will get picked up by some awesome music label and go on to have a very successful career — probably the most successful of this season. Until then, let's just enjoy his buttery voice. Rumor has it, he's taking on "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber. Prepare to swoon.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX