Is The Song In The True Detective’ Season 2 Trailer On iTunes? It's An Insanely Catchy Track

As any True Detective fan (im)patiently awaiting Season 2 of the HBO series knows, the untitled Lera Lynn track that can be heard in the entrancing True Detective Season 2 trailer is pretty much an instant earworm. Since Season 2 isn't set to premiere until June 21, all we fans can really do until then is watch the trailer about a million times on YouTube — and, of course, play that Lynn track, which is apparently original to True Detective , on repeat until the end of time (and, if you're a major fan, analyze the lyrics to see if they offer hints about Season 2). But, just listening to the song on repeat on YouTube isn't enough for everyone, especially if you're trying to tune in on your phone — so, it begs the question, is Lera Lynn's True Detective Season 2 trailer song on iTunes?

Unfortunately, the answer isn't readily available — the track isn't currently on iTunes, but that doesn't mean it won't be in the future. In fact, it looks like we might get it on the soundtrack, if previous, similar instances are any indication.

How can we know this? Well, if we're on the topic of songs original to HBO shows, there are things to compare it to: For instance, St. Vincent's song 'Teenage Talk,' that was original to the show Girls , will most likely be on its soundtrack, according to Gig Wise. To further the evidence the St. Vincent song will make a showing on the Girls' album, they quote Manish Raval, Girls ' music supervisor in an interview with Billboard. Raval relays that, "I said to St. Vincent’s people, 'We love Annie and she and Lena are friends. Is there anything laying around?' They sent us a demo of a song called 'Teenage Talk' that she hadn’t released yet and it was amazing. [Girls creator and star Lena Dunham] flipped for it." I mean, if Dunham flips, you include it. That's the protocol, right?

So, if St. Vincent's song is included in an episode of Girls and will likely be the on the soundtrack, it might be a safe bet that Lynn's song for True Detective — as the main jam of the trailer for the season — will be available on iTunes as part of the soundtrack, whenever that is released.

Of course, we can't say for sure... but with a song that popular, who wouldn't want to make it up for grabs? They'd only be reaping the benefits.

Until then... where's the repeat button again?

Image: HBO