Lady Gaga Embraces Her Outdoorsy Side With Taylor Kinney & It's Actually Not As Shocking As It Seems — PHOTOS

Lady Gaga may be a New York City girl born and raised, but it looks like the pop star knows how to kick it in the great outdoors, too. On Instagram, Lady Gaga shared a photo of chickens in a coop that she now shares with her fiancé, Taylor Kinney. Bet you never thought you would see those words all together in the same sentence, right?

In any case, the photo is a cute snapshot of Gaga's relationship with Kinney and a fun hobby that the couple has taken a liking to, at least for the upcoming summer. But at first glance, the photo might seem as surprising as the existence of this couple's relationship in the first place. After all, this is Lady Gaga we're talking about, who pays homage to Manhattan on a regular basis, who embraces haute couture, and who seems most at home on the red carpet and onstage. But yes, it's official: Lady Gaga is getting in touch with her outdoorsy side. But to anyone who has recently been following the pop star closely, this should not entirely come as a surprise.

Before the chickens in a coop post, Lady Gaga had been dropping other hints on Instagram about a growing love for the outdoors. For example, about a week ago, she posted a photo of herself gardening—or at least posing like she's gardening.

Regardless of whether or not The Lady actually picked those flowers in her basket, at the very least, this photo indicates an appreciation of nature. And fans can appreciate that even though she's in the garden, she's still dressed every part the Mother Monster (pants NOT included).

And, of course, even when she's more covered up, Gaga continues to slay in her stable-chic attire.

And she has learned to appreciate the minimalistic nature that comes with a yard—along with a play space for dogs!

But wait, there's more! The Goddess of Love hasn't forgotten to tend to her vegetables.

In this snap, Gaga definitely looks like she's hard at work. But honestly, keeping in mind how hard she works on her music and her fashion, it's not surprising that she would put her whole heart into whatever hobby strikes her interest — however surprising the hobby itself may seem. By the way, if you're wondering where these photos were taken, Gaga did not hint at a location. However, she and Kinney reportedly purchased a home in Lancaster, Pa. back in February. A secluded, private home. Hmm...

But even before these Instagram photos, Gaga has heavily hinted at having a fondness for the countryside, especially in her 2011 music video for "You and I," where she uses a depiction of Nebraska farmland as the setting for her love story. Just in case you forgot, this was also where the happy engaged couple met, as Kinney played her love interest on set.

Perhaps the video was foreshadowing things to come. Or perhaps, like always with Gaga, we should know by now to expect the unexpected.