How To Flirt Using Bitmoji

I discovered the joys of Bitmoji a couple of months ago. I'm already a huge proponent of emojis, but sometimes you can't convey your exact feelings that way. I mean, it's easy to express feelings of congratulations or hunger with emojis, but what happens if you need to ask if someone is OK? Or say thank you? Or YOLO? Or TGIF?! What if I want emojis that look like me? Enter Bitmoji. The fully customizable app lets you choose from such criteria as jaw shape, hair length, chest size and height to produce a cartoonish character that looks just like you. It's actually kind of startling how much my Bitmoji resembles me, and the same goes for the Bitmojis of my near and dears as well.

One caveat: You may need a second or third opinion when choosing the more obscure facial features, including nose type and pupil size, lest your Bitmoji look less like you than you might think. My first Bit was in the right ballpark, but I had to hone her with the help of a couple of people who know me well.

The possibilities are literally endless, since new Bitmojis are released regularly, and special ones always drop in concert with holidays. (I've seen Passover Bitmojis, Easter Bitmojis, St. Patrick's Day Bitmojis, etc.) I'm sure you can think of a million ways to use Bitmoji whilst messaging your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/lover/friend-with-benefits/baby daddy (and your friends and family too!), but here are a few ideas to get those Bitmoji creative juices flowing.

1. You can have an entire conversation with Bitmoji.

It's very possible. In a cab on the way to a rave the other night (don't ask), I pointed out to my friend via text that we always have fun, no matter what the circumstances. She responded with the "I'm down" Bitmoji. To which I answered with the "O RLY?!" and the "k, thx" Bitmojis. Which she countered with the "Bless You" Bitmoji. And on and on. Though the person I'm dating probably wouldn't be down with more than a quick back and forth, I do consider it a personal victory that he has a Bit at all. (And it's very cute.) Which brings me to —

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/FWB/baby daddy's Bitmoji will kill you with its cuteness.

There's something about seeing someone you already think is adorable rendered a Bit to make you kind of melt into a puddle of fondness. (As an aside, this applies to friends' Bitmojis as well.) I can't quite explain it, but receiving a cartoon expression of one of your favorite people on Earth really has the ability to make your day an nth better than it was the minute before your receipt of said Bit.

3. It's a quick way to connect with your partner when you're pressed for time.

When an emoji isn't enough but there isn't time for a full-on text sesh, a quick Bit is a good way to tell someone you're thinking of them.

4. Bitmojis are a great way to get a laugh out of the person on the other side of the screen.

Soon after I discovered Bitmoji, I sent a text to the dude I'm dating. "I have a super sexy photo for you," I wrote. I waited a beat. And then I sent:

Pretty much guaranteed to generate a grin.

5. They're different than emojis, so you can use them more like cayenne and less like salt and pepper.

While I do advocate the occasional conversation-in-Bit, I recommend using Bitmojis sparingly. A little goes a long way, and they pack more of a punch when they pop up here and there, as welcome surprises. If used too liberally, they could become less welcome and more annoying. So, buyer beware. Well, they're free. But you know what I mean.

Images: Bitstrips (7)