'Furious 8' Has A Release Date & Yep, It's Really, Really Far Away

If fast cars are your speed, then buckle up for some sweet news. According to Vin Diesel, the new film in the Fast And The Furious franchise, titled Furious 8 , has a release date. Finally! After the success of Furious 7 , fans have undoubtedly been waiting at the edge of their seats for this news. So, when's the big day? That's where the news gets not so exciting: Unfortunately, according to Diesel, Furious 8 will hit theaters on April 14, 2017. So, aka... really, really far in the future.

The Furious 7 actor revealed the news at a panel at CinemaCon on Thursday. The last film in the franchise scored big at the box office, and much like the cars that the characters drive in the film, there's no slowing this action-packed franchise down. You know — apart from the fact that we're currently just shy of two years away from seeing the next film in the franchise hit the big screen.

That's not totally terrible news, though — Furious 7 is still in theaters, so it's not exactly like anyone was hoping for a film to come out sometime in the next six months. If we want Furious 8 to achieve the same level of cinematic fun as the rest of the films in the franchise did, we all need to be patient — those car stunts and epic CGI battles don't happen overnight. In fact, I'm sort of surprised that they only need two years to work on the next film — but definitely not disappointed.

Check out the trailer for Furious 7 to prep you for the news of the upcoming Furious 8.

Fast & Furious on YouTube

So how can diehard fans of the Furious franchise pass the time before the new film hits theaters? Here are a few suggestions:

Marathon The Entire Franchise

There are seven movies in the series, so that's over 12 hours of fun. Marathon the features a few times a year to make sure you really get all of the characters.

Re-watch Paul Walker's Best Movies

Walker tragically died before wrapping Furious 7. Check out some of his films outside of the franchise for a look back on his great and sadly short career: There's films like Pleasantville, She's All That, and the recent Hours.

Binge Watch An Action-Packed Series

If you need the adrenaline from the Furious flicks, aim for an equally intense series like 24.

Seek Real-Life Thrills At An Amusement Park

Rollercoasters are a safe way to cash in on your "need for speed."

Break Out Your Hot Wheels

When was the last time you played with these, right?

Book An Exotic Trip

Can't afford to jet off to Tokyo or another major city like they do in the film? Plan a huge fantasy trip via Pinterest instead.

Race Some Segways

Because street racing is illegal, kids.

Images: Giphy (6); Hot Wheels/YouTube