When Will 'Life Twirls On' Premiere? Kenya Moore's 'RHOA'-Approved Pilot May Be On Bravo Next Month

On the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 finale, instead of her usual costume ball, Kenya Moore threw a premiere party for her television pilot, Life Twirls On, and the ladies ended up really enjoying the show. The end of season Captions of Doom promised that Kenya is still working on the show, so when will Life Twirl On premiere? It's just a pilot right now, so there's only one episode, and it hasn't been sold to any network yet. However, there's some speculation out there that it will wind up on Bravo as a special single episode event.

LA Late is "exclusively" reporting that the pilot will premiere on May 10, but their "exclusivity" could just be a creative way to say "guess," because Bravo hasn't confirmed that they have any plans to show the Life Twirls On pilot this May. But LA Late does make some good points. While Kandi has been given a strangely dominant presence in the last few episodes to promote her upcoming spinoff, the real story has been all about Kenya's pilot, and Kenya herself. She ties to the Roger Bobb obsession, the conflicts with Phaedra and NeNe, and now the last few episodes have focused on the production of this pilot.

But I'm sure that it will be discussed on the reunion, which will air in three parts starting on Apr. 26. There will be a one week break between the third episode of the reunion and the first episode of Kandi's Ski Trip, the upcoming spinoff that will take the place of RHOA. Kenya, ever shady and mysterious, has been dropping hints about the upcoming show on her Twitter and Instagram. But will this be like the time she tried to hint about her sexy boyfriend, only for that to go nowhere? She promised that a trailer would be released soon on Instagram just a few days ago.

A great time for that to debut would be during the Season 7 reunion, just like the trailer for Kandi's Ski Trip debuted during the finale. And Kenya has been posting pictures from behind the scenes. I don't know if they're currently doing reshoots or if Kenya was just flipping through her iPhone photostream, thinking fondly of the many days and nights she spent torturing her cast and crew with unreasonable demands and endless takes in the search for perfection. I'm just assuming, of course — I write Kenya Moore Boss Bitch fanfiction in my dreams.

I'm hoping that we get to see Life Twirls On on television soon. If Bravo doesn't bite, maybe Oxygen, TBS, or BET will — whether it's as hilarious as the rest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta thought it was or simply an incomprehensible Kenya Moore fever dream, I'm equally down to pop some corn and set my DVR for Life Twirls On. Please, let there be a series order in this pilot's future!

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo