'Grey's Anatomy' Stars React To Derek Shepherd's Death & It's All Even More Heartbreaking Now

Guys, it's true: The impossible has happened on Grey's Anatomy, and no, I do not know how television is ever going to be the same. If you haven't heard by now, beware — the following is a major spoiler alert(although I'm sure you have, because, well, Internet age): Derek Shepherd was killed off on Grey's Anatomy . No, that is not a typo. McDreamy is dead, series creator Shonda Rhimes has confirmed it, and everything is absolutely terrible. As we're all going through the five stages of grief over and over at lightning speed — I'm currently at the "WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD TV CHARACTERS?!" phase for the third time — I can't say taking a look at how the Grey's Anatomy cast is reacting to Derek's death on Twitter will help... but if you're as masochistic as I am, you're probably going to look anyway. We may as well mourn together, right?

After Thursday night's killer episode (I AM CRYING), stars like Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, Eric Dane, and more responded to the plot twist shocker on their personal Twitters. It's clear that they — just like fans — are shocked seeing Derek's death on screen (I AM STILL CRYING NOTHING WILL EVER BE OK EVER), and their reactions certainly indicated as much:

Image: ABC