Jasper's Job Could Be In Jeopardy On 'The Royals'

Royals fans, have you all recovered from seeing bodyguard Jasper sleep with Elizabeth Hurley's Queen Helena on last week's episode? Nope? Yeah, I didn't think so. While The Royals fandom was hit hard by the betrayal, King Simon must be having a much rougher time since he saw the stoic palace security guard leaving his wife's room in "The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune" — and the next question rests on whether or not Jasper will be fired on The Royals. There is no way Tom Austen's Jasper could leave the E! show with fans having so much love for the conflicting couple of Jeleanor (the name 'shippers have given to the pairing of Jasper and Princess Eleanor). Austen won't be leaving the show anytime soon, but could he be leaving the palace?

King Simon hasn't really shown his manipulative side yet (like the rest of his family has), but he showed he's not above playing tricks once scorned since at the end of the episode he withheld information from his queen. I'm sure this isn't the first time King Simon has discovered Queen Helena cheating (nor will it be the last), and though he is the King of England, I think he might direct his punishment of the affair toward his wife and not Jasper the bodyguard. (But hey, I thought Jasper was going to end up being really British and not American, so what do I know?) And with King Simon calling Helena a bitch in the preview for the April 26 episode, she's definitely not going to get away with her dalliance.

Jasper’s intentions are always pretty murky, but it seems he slept with the queen so she wouldn’t fire him based on his sketchy past — so, oh the irony if he ended up losing his job instead. Ophelia’s dad, head of palace security Mr. Pryce, had given some advice to Jasper about the fact that the queen gets jealous of her daughter. So since her daughter slept with Jasper, then it only makes sense for her to have sex with him too, right? Pryce also revealed that he did in fact know that Jasper was lying about his identity, but hired him anyway to give him a chance since he’s not like his Las Vegas grifter parents. (Thank you! I know this show isn’t real-life, but I’d be seriously concerned for the U.K.’s safety if they didn’t even know who they had working at the royal palace.)

Since Queen Helena had MI5 and MI6 vetting Jasper's security clearance, she revealed that Jasper got banished from Las Vegas (that's a thing?!) for sleeping with the "king of the strip" Cy Cook's daughter Samantha. Now that The Royals put out some of the truth about Jasper's past (some — not all), his character was vulnerable to the whims of the queen — and the Queen of England was "severely horny."

Although it seemed safe to say that they wouldn't get caught since the king was out on one of his regular unattended strolls through London (that can't be allowed in real-life, right?), the king returned with flowers just in time to see Jasper strolling out of the queen's bedroom postcoital.

Now even if King Simon doesn't get Jasper fired, I'm hoping maybe he gets him moved back to Eleanor's detail. Yes, it was refreshing to see Len being giggly and healthy with her first love Beck in Monaco, she's going to be back in the palace — and back to her dysfunctional relationship with drugs and Jasper. Plus, Beck is actually married! (Boo.)

But some shakeups are on the horizon at the palace. E! reported on April 23 that actor Austen said, "All I can say is that there is a huge twist in the season coming up very soon and everything changes from there on in. All of the characters have to adapt and change to the enormity of the situation at hand, and the way Jasper and Eleanor deal with it together is really interesting and tells you a lot about how both of them really feel."

Oooo that does sound promising for Jeleanor fans. And honestly, I'm far more concerned with how Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park is the freakin' best) will react when she finds out Jasper slept with her mother than whether or not Bodyguard Jasper will lose his job.

Images: E! (2); klazzu, fyeahjeleanor/Tumblr