Pettifleur Brings The Sparkle On 'RHoMelb'

by Kristie Rohwedder

The Melbourne Housewives’ tea-centric excursion to the Philippines picked up where last Thursday’s episode left off: a fight at a dinner. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, I did not catch the first few minutes of this Thursday's The Real Housewives of Melbourne. However, when I finally joined the party, Gina was telling off Jackie’s spirits? Or something? Ah, good good good. Feels like home. As the episode carried on, Janet and Chyka made chai with a tea expert, Gamble and Pettifleur confronted one another about money yet again, the Melbourne Housewives chilled out at a spa, Gina revealed she's making high heels, the Melbourne Housewives got into another fight at another dinner, and Pettifleur wore an outstanding headpiece.

There were approximately ten thousand different fights going on within the cast (the book! Old money! Barbie nicknames! Gina vs. Lydia! EVERYBODY IN MELBOURNE! The list goes on!), but if I follow my heart, it takes me right to the glittery, glimmering headpiece. I guess this shouldn't be a surprise; I haven't exactly been coy about my obsession with the Melbourne Housewives' fashion choices. I am who I am, and I am a person who loves the Melbourne Housewives' style. So, I'm going to zero in on Pettifleur's headpiece.

Before Pettifleur met the other Housewives for some cocktails at what appeared to be the hotel bar, she explained her sartorial choices for that evening in a talking head: “I have decided to rock a white jumpsuit because I know all of those other bitches are going to rock their pageant dresses." Not only was she the only Housewife not wearing a gown to the hotel bar, but she was the only Housewife wearing a rhinestoned headpiece to the hotel bar:

Two words:

In case I did not make it clear, the Housewives wore literal gowns and literal gemstones to a hotel bar. It was a very nice bar in a very nice hotel, yes, but GOWNS!!!!! Ugh, they are goddesses.

(I pleaded with the television gods that the camera would pan over to a table of random bar patrons/hotel guests tossing back vodka sodas in their sweatpants. Sadly, it never happened.)

(...OK, I realize there's a chance the Housewives might've gone to a restaurant or club after meeting in the hotel bar. BUT! According to what the folks at home saw, it looked like the Housewives hit up that hotel bar in their finest threads, called it a night, and went to a spa the next day. And I am totally on board either way.)

No one brought up Pettifleur's choice to sport a jumpsuit in lieu of a dress. Instead, the headpiece was the only thing the other Housewives noticed. The jumpsuit was the ceramic cake stand to the headpiece's seven-layer tiramisu. Here's what her cast mates had to say:

  • “She looks like she’s going to be shot out of a cannon.”—Gamble
  • “She’s going for Whitney in The Bodyguard and she’s pulled it off fabulously.”—Janet
  • “And suddenly, there’s Grace Jones. I thought, 'Wow. When did she arrive?'”—Gina
  • “I’ve already got my James Bond girl outfit.”—Pettifleur

Pettifleur is the gift that keeps on giving. Quite frankly, the same can be said about all of her cast mates. I hope all of them get Bentleys with linen interiors. They deserve it.

Images: John Tsiavis/Bravo; Bravo; ilanawexler/tumblr