What Your Favorite 'Friends' Catchphrase Says About You

Depending on where you are in your Friends binge watch (or if you've long finished it, you can be honest with me) you probably have some of the catchphrases burned in your mind. Hell, if you're a really hardcore fan, you've already picked out a favorite to break out at the coolest parties. In any case, just like your favorite Friends character can say a lot about you and your personality, your favorite catchphrase could also speak to who you are. So let's revisit them.

It's weird that most of these took off, considering that 95 percent of them are every day phrases. But, at the end of the day, we have to credit these phrases to the characters that turned them from every day words that we might occasionally arrange in that order to catchphrases we quote incessantly on purpose. It's their specific inflections that made the delivery so potent and memorable. Often duplicated, never imitated. Or imitated constantly — never forget that time when Joey tried on all of Chandler's clothes.

Anyway, here's what your favorite Friends catchphrase should say about you. And as per usual, take these assessments with a grain of salt, as I know nothing about your life.

"How you doin'?"


You sly player, you. You have an affinity for hot Italian men (and they have an affinity right back at ya) and a 2.3 GPA in at the state school you're going to... where you're studying Communications. I mean.

There are few nights in your life that haven't ended with you drunk and ordering a large sub sandwich.

"I know!"


You've been diligently color-coding things since you were seven. You have a fierce need to be right, even when you couldn't BE more wrong. You are the one person in all of New York with a gorgeous, clean apartment, and are therefore eternally judgmental of your friends who are living in cockroach-infested studios in Flatbush.

"Could ____ BE..."


You've learned to cover up your low self esteem with a sense of humor. You're not yet sure if people haven't noticed, or if they just don't care.



You were one of those insufferable children that parents just let roam free in the grocery store, knocking over boxes of macaroni and cheese, throwing a temper tantrum when you can't get the Lucky Charms, and so on. You have definitely uttered this phrase when your Tinder date turned out to be far less cute than his photo.

"We were on a break!"


You haven't watched Friends since 2004. Or you JUST started watching Friends on Netflix last week. Or you've never watched Friends, but you want to fit in with the girls in your Pilates class.

"Hi" (delivered as if one's soul was crushed)


Dude, if your favorite catchphrase is "hi," you're probably as sad as Ross himself.

"Oh no."


Actually, if you're pro-Phoebe quotes, you're more likely to tell twisted stories about how your mother killed herself whenever your friends complain about not getting caramel drizzle on their Frappuccino. Bonus points if your mother is alive and well.

You have done a post-punk cover of "Smelly Cat" on your band's first EP. It has been hailed as "transcendent."

"Oh. My. God."


This line insists that you've truly committed to Friends for the long haul, but beyond that? You're probably fabulous and eccentric and insist on an extreme hair cut that's debatably unflattering.

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