Ashlee & Jessica Nail Coordinated Red Carpet Style

Sisters don't always go for the same styles, and the Simpsons are a shining example of that fact. According to US Weekly, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson both wore maternity-wear on the red carpet in Venice, California with two very different, but equally stunning, styles. Although the two share their passion for singing and were both hand-in-hand with their hubbies at the preview of The Gleason Project, the two brought their coordinating styles to a whole new level.

Jessica opted for a wide-legged jumpsuit with a white criss-cross back. The outfits showed off her toned arms and made for a stunningly elegant look at the event. She added to her look with sparkling earrings that were the perfect finish to her classy ensemble. The older sister pulled together her look with beautifully-bronzed skin, a smokey eye, and lightly-glossed pink lip.

Ashlee took an opposite approach to her look with a goth-glam ensemble that had heads turning. Her oxblood maxi-dress and black jacket perfectly flattered her baby bump while stayed true to her bohemian vibes. The younger sister and first-time mother took yet another differing approach with her makeup choice. She opted for a bold fuchsia lip to complement her sisters lack-of and kept her eyes natural instead.

But the April 23 premiere isn't the only time that the Simpson sisters have decided to take on opposite styles. The two have a knack for playing on each other's opposing styles and it makes for two halves of a style whole.

1. If one goes curly, the other goes straight.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2. They love to mix brights and neutrals.

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3. As well as prints and solids.

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4. If one goes short, the other goes long.

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5. But they always have the perfect balance.

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