Khloe Kardashian Is Writing A Book Of Personal Advice and Lifestyle Tips, And Here Are 11 Things You Can Expect From It

Over the years the Kardashians have given us so many gifts: the world's most famous sex tape, most talked-about couple, a celebration of sisterhood, selfies, convincing proof that you don't have to choose between low-cut and skin-tight, a clothing line, a hair care line, bedding, lingerie... oh, and did I mention selfies? With the Kardashian social media game on point as always, Kim K's release of a coffee table book featuring her own smiling face is no surprise at all, Kim is not the only Kardashian with a literary announcement: Khloe Kardashian is writing a book, too.

Over the years and throughout the seasons (and with reams of Instagram evidence to back me up), I've come to think of Khloe as the sanest Kardashian. With her feet planted firmly on the ground (unless she's workin' it in the gym) and her heart open to "a love so deep the open would be jealous" (at least according to her Instagram feed) Khloe seems like just the right Kardashian to spread a message of female empowerment and "true beauty in a culture that worships skinny."

So, what exactly can you expect from Khloe's book, set to be unleashed on stores nationwide November 3, 2015? I've got 11 ideas about exactly I think will be in the latest Kardashian literary venture. Curl up with your waist-trainer and put E! on mute. It's time to talk about exactly what Koko can do for you.

1. Everything you ever wanted to know about 21st century entrepreneurship

While most celebrities were simply taking in the good vibrations at Coachella, Khloe was hard at work launching a new messaging app, with a party (and an outfit) only a Kardashian could pull off. As the rare individual in possession of a work ethic so strong it will stave off even the lure of the stage, Khloe has a lot to teach us about entrepreneurship in the modern era.

2. The value of vitamins

Before setting off on a recent trip to Armenia, Koko posted this sweet picture of her daily vitamin diet — make no mistake, girlfriend is serious about her health. What lies within those reusable Ziplocs (and will they give us that famous Kardashian glow)? Here's hoping we all find out come November 3.

3. The secret to surviving a torturous breakup

The world watched as Khloe struggled through a breakup with Lamar Odom, as if breakups aren't hard enough when you endure them in the privacy of your own bedroom. After making it through hell on national television, Khloe must have plenty to say on the topic of moving on.

4. Tips for handling the haters

She's been taunted for her looks, berated for her body, and chastised for her place in one of reality television's most infamous families...and through it all Koko smiles on. As an enviable model of shake, shake, shaking it off, I for one cannot wait to get some hot Kardashian tips on handling all those haters out there.

5. An ode to honesty

On the silver screen, down the red carpet, and throughout her Instagram feed, Khloe never forgets to keep it real. Speaking your mind and following your heart are just the youngest Kardashian sister's way, and I for one would love to hear a little more about exactly how she does it.

6. Some thoughts on sisterhood.

Most families can hardly handle a long weekend together, which makes the strain of a reality series that has lasted ten seasons almost impossible to fathom. And yet through it all, Koko, Kiki, and the gang have stayed loyal to each other, which makes this family saga more than worthy of exploration within the pages of a book dedicated to girl power.

7. Praise for personal fitness

Over the past couple of years, Koko has undergone quite a transformation. If all the squat selfies are any indication, it has a lot to do with a newfound dedication to personal fitness. How exactly exercise fits in to Khloe's evolution and what it can do for each and every one of us will surely figure prominently within her new advice book.

8. Tricks for tackling your inner demons (and a few outer ones)

Facing down your inner demons takes courage, tenacity, and more than a little help from your friends. Koko has gone through hell in these past few years and lived to tell the tale, so I have no doubt she'll be working hard to help others do the same with her forthcoming guide to being your best self.

9. Your guide to looking as sexy as you feel

Sometimes it is simply necessary to show the world just how stunning you are, and if there's anyone who can help you put your best paparazzi-ready foot forward, surely it's a Kardashian.

10. A little advice on flower arranging

If Khloe's Instagram feed is any indication, the girl is head over heels in love with a bright bouquet. From reams of roses to hip hydrangeas, hardly a week goes by without a little stop to smell the flowers. So while she's dolling out lifestyle advice, perhaps Koko will have a little something to say on the art of flower arrangement.

11. A plea for inner peace

Finding yourself in the glare of the spotlight may just require an on-point publicist and a glam team to kill for, but surely it also demands a serious dose of inner peace. If Koko can keep it together with the paparazzi on her tail and the whole world weighing in on her weight, I for one look forward to hearing exactly how she does it.

Images: Khloe Kardashian / Instagram