Katy Perry Channels Harajuku Style In Japan

Watch out, now — the fashion-forward pop queen is back: Katy Perry channeled harajuku style in Tokyo, because of course she would. Unlike her geisha outfit from the American Music Awards, I would argue that Perry really did her research beforehand and nailed it this time in her Harajuku-style outfit. Pairing loafers with a mini-pleated skirt and rocking some super cute pigtail braids, Katy Perry sure came up with an interesting, yet playful ensemble when she decided to land in Japan for her concerts this weekend.

While I am a little surprised that she decided to show up in Japan in an outfit like this (after the Geisha-inspired outfit debacle), I really think that she did her research to try and fit in with the true Harajuku girls. I mean, look at that face mask! That's some serious styling dedication. I believe that Perry's outfit was simply a way to celebrate her huge Japanese fan base and the fact that she's in Japan touring.

She didn't just come to perform, of course. Perry made some time to explore the city while she was there, stopping by a sumo wrestling match and striking a pose with her equally fashionable clique (who also rocked harajuku style).

All in all, I think Katy Perry just really wanted to connect with her fans through her fashion choices. Say what you will, but I think she looks pretty adorable.