13 Things Only Team Michael 'JTV' Fans Understand

I don't want to jinx us or anything, but would it be totally delusional to say that on Jane The Virgin, Team Michael might actually be gaining some ground for once? Crazy Andie is out of the picture (hopefully for good), and Rafael's as much out of the picture as he can be for someone who also happens to be Jane's baby daddy. Does this mean it's smooth sailing from here on out for our favorite former couple? Of course not. With all the breakups happening, things are sure to be even more emotional roller coaster-y than ever — but that doesn't mean us Team Michael 'shippers can't band together and reminisce about the good ol' days while we hope for a Michael and Jane reunion before the Season 1 finale.

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of reasons to love Michael. I mean, Brett Dier is an actual crocheted goods model for his girlfriend's Etsy shop, for goodness sake — and while Michael's never modeled Jane's crocheted hats and scarves on Etsy, you know he would if she asked him to. So here are 13 things only people on Team Michael understand — besides, you know, the confidence of knowing you chose the right side.

1. First Off, Michael & Petra 'Shippers Can SIT DOWN

Those of us on Team Michael know that no matter how beautiful they may or may not look together, it's not time to just give up on Jane and Michael yet. Speaking of which...

2. You Started Plotting As Soon As You Heard Jane & Rafael Broke Up

We all felt bad for Jane, sure — but tell me there wasn't a little part of you that started mentally calculating how long would be the appropriate grieving period before she could get back with Michael.

3. But You Love The Fact That Michael Hasn't Made A Move Yet

How sweet was Michael when Jane told him that she and Rafael broke up? He's a classy guy; even if we were quickly plotting how they could pick up where they left off (ahem, wedding bells), his only thought was Jane's well-being.

Though, he did dump his girlfriend Andie in a hot second. Which reminds me...

4. Andie Scares The Bejeezus Out Of You

Sure, she and Michael broke up, but that might be the least of their problems — because she definitely seems uh... unhinged enough to do some real damage. I'm getting some serious Fatal Attraction vibes from her.

5. You Know History Is Important

Remember how Michael knew just how important meeting Angelique Harper was to Jane? It's the little things that count sometimes, and he's got them down to a science. Also, I'm just going to say it: He and Jane dated for two years. How long did Jane and Rafael date again?

6. You Know That Jane & Michael Have The Cutest Origin Story Ever

Come on, she thought he was a stripper cop at her 21st birthday, fired his gun at the ceiling, and they ended up watching telenovelas together all night? How can I make that happen in my life?

7. He Always Knows How To Make Jane Feel Better

Even (and probably especially) when it means stopping her abuela from being deported.

8. Plus, Michael's Straight-Up Hilarious

Jane and Rafael may have crazy chemistry, but when it comes to sense of humor, there's pretty much no topping his impression of "a guy getting bitten by a lizard and then he becomes one."

9. You Did A Happy Dance When You Found Out Gina Rodriguez Is Team Michael...

Gina Rodriguez, Golden Globe-winning actress and unofficial president of the Team Michael club, according to her Watch What Happens Live interview.

10. ...And An Even Happier Dance When You Found Out Basically The Whole Cast Is Team Michael

Rodriguez , Andrea Navedo, Jaime Camil, Yael Grobglas, and Dier are all rooting for Michael, as they told Entertainment Weekly. In fact, it looks like the only cast member in Rafael's corner might just be Raf himself, Justin Baldoni. Though it's worth noting that showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman also happens to be Team Rafael, and her vote might outweigh everyone else's.

11. You Know That Team Rogelio Is Endgame

Come on, best father/son-in-law relationship ever.

12. You Love Michael's Devotion To Jane

Remember that time she found his plan to scrimp and save his money over the course of months to save up for an engagement ring for her? There's kind of no beating that in terms of adorableness.

13. And Of Course, You're Committed To This Becoming A Reality

In a nutshell, Jane and Michael have to reunite stat — because we need to see more of Michael in full detective mode with a baby as his sidekick.

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