How Did Ian Somerhalder Propose To Nikki Reed?

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed got married this weekend, which means now that it's Monday, I officially don't know how to talk to you guys. Seems like some of you are really happy for the pair, and some of you have been plunged into a depression by the knowledge that you will never sign your checks Mrs. Somerhalder. And since I keep guessing wrong in conversations, I'm gonna talk not about the marriage, which is still a fresh wound, but about their engagement, which we've all had about four months to get used to. I figure it should be safe to delve into that without cracking your broken hearts open any further, so let's talk about how Somerhalder proposed to Reed.

Like I said, this all went down about four months ago, in January, after the couple had been together about six months. They're super secretive — we didn't even know they were getting married until we saw the photos of Reed in a wedding dress — so not that many specifics are known about the way Somerhalder asked, but we put our best pop culture detective on the case (hi hello that's me), and we've been able to collect some clues.

The news about the pair's engagement broke on Jan. 15, 2015, but considering their penchant for keeping relationship deets under wraps, I have a feeling Somerhalder popped the question before that. Looking through their social media, the most likely time seems to be their Dec. 2014 vacation to Sun Valley, Idaho. After all, it was over Christmas, which is a very popular time for proposals, and according to an Instagram post by Reed, both her and Somerhalder's families were present.

Her choice of phrasing for "families combine and hearts collide" is especially telling, as is the photo Somerhalder put up the same day. It doesn't allude to an engagement at all, but if these aren't "exciting announcement" faces, I don't know what are.

Congratulations on being sneaky (and on your wedding, of course!), but we're pretty sure we've got your number, Somerhalders!

Image: IanSomerhalder/Instagram