Don't Fret: 'Secrets & Lies' Season 2 Is Imminent

by Alice Walker

Well Secrets and Lies fans, are your heads still spinning from all of the twists and turns Sunday night's episode took? Of all the surprises they packed into an hour, the biggest one for me had to have been Detective Cornell now believing Tom is innocent. It's a crazy new world — up is down, left is right, the killer might be a woman (though I think that's a red herring to throw us off our game). While we are still waiting for a lot of mysteries to be tied up, most notably who killed Tom on Secrets and Lies, I am confident that we will know the answer by the end of the Season finale — they wouldn't go all The Killing on us and make us wait until the end of Season 2 for resolution. I hope. Regardless of answers one thing is for sure: I am crossing all of my fingers that show gets renewed for Season two. Luckily, a quick look at the ratings for Secrets and Lies' shows that renewal is all but guaranteed. And once ABC does the right thing and renews the series, September is likely the earliest we'll see new episodes.

Since the show was created to produce stand-alone seasons a la True Detective, if and when it does come back we should brace ourselves for some major changes. While no word has been released about what the next season may look like, I have some ideas that would make for pretty excellent television.

A Spin-off Focused On Detective Cornell

She's uptight, no-nonsense, and has been giving Tom hell in ways I'm not completely convinced is legal, but she's clearly got a lot going on. We could follow her through all of the different crimes she investigates so we know they'd never run out of stories. Not to mention we know that Juliette Lewis is good enough to hold her own show.

Retell Season 1 From Only The Perspective Of The Kids

One of the coolest things about this show has been watching the narrative spin from one person to the next with the details shifting and changing. Imagine all of the different angles we'd see if the mystery unfolded through the eyes of the kids on the show. The possibilities are endless!

Open With A New Murder In Town

Think of all the bad luck that befell the ladies of Wisteria Lane, and all of the housewives who stayed living there! Next season could open with a brand new murder and ensuing investigation. The cops would have a leg up on the killer here, since the police already have solid bios on pretty much everyone in town.

True Detective Style Cast Shake Up

Maybe McConaughey and Harrelson are free? OK, that's a long shot but I love the idea of spinning this show around a new mystery every season, never lingering on one crime for longer than needed. I'm picturing a new gruesome murder and lots of monologues.

Give It An American Horror Story Makeover

If they wanted to get really fancy they could keep some of the same actors (I'm looking at you Ryan Phillippe) to play different parts on the show. This way we could see some amazing actor range while getting a plot refresh. I'd love to see what this cast could do when thrown into a whole new story-line.

We will have to wait until next season to see which way they go, while that's a long way off and we can always spend the time theorizing about what the new mystery will be, and which '90s dreamboat they might cast as the lead.

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