Airfare Will Be Cheaper This Summer, Which Means It's Going To Be A Summer Of Love For Couples In Long-Distance Relationships

Love will be in the air this summer, especially for couples in long-distance relationships looking to reunite. Airfare forecasting app, Hopper, predicts that summer flights in the domestic U.S. will be 5.7 percent lower than last year. This decrease in summer airfare is great news for everyone who's been bit by the travel bug recently, but especially for couples in long-distance relationships who might have previously been kept apart by pricey flight tickets.

The summer travel season will continue the trend we've seen for all of 2015: lower domestic airfare. Prices in March of this year were 9.4 percent lower than they were last year. Hopper's data scientist Patrick Surry told Mashable that he recommends buying airfare as soon as possible, especially if you know the final destination. Airfare for the rest of April is set to rise only 0.7 percent, but come May prices will skyrocket by 7 percent, according to Hopper's summer airfare forecast.

Couples can decide to visit each other or choose to meet up for a vacation somewhere new. Science says that LDR couples are better at communicating anyway, so picking a fun destination shouldn't take too many Skype sessions. According to Hopper, some of the most affordable destinations to travel to this summer include New Mexico, Boston, and Colorado. Surry said that travelers can even score a good deal when booking a flight to Hawaii.

When booking summer flights, Surry also recommended being flexible when it comes to specific airports and dates. For example if you're traveling to New York City, it's sometimes considerably cheaper to fly into Newark than to fly into JFK, and both airports are relatively the same distance away from Manhattan. Also try to take an extra vacation day and fly during a weekday, as supposed to the weekend.

"Be flexible," Surrey said. "If you are open about where you go and when you fly, you can save a lot of money."

Here's to an affordable summer of love for all you in an LDR!

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