How To Make Your Own Gold Apple Watch

Although it's only been available to the public for a week, the Apple Watch already has its fair share of haters. A lot of the frustration comes from the limited options available to customize your Apple Watch. How are you expected to personalize your Apple Watch when there aren't not many choices? There are only 21 different bands for the watch and six different faces available in three materials: aluminum, steel, and gold. And the gold option is the one that people seem to be craving.

Now, this is far from the first time Apple has made a highly-coveted gadget in gold. The newest iteration of the MacBook as well as the iPhone 5S and 6 are available in gold. But all MacBooks or iPhones with the same technical specs cost the same, regardless of the color. This isn't true with the Apple Watch. If you want a gold Apple Watch, you're going to have to pay for it. The starting price for the aluminum Apple Watch is $349, but the gold Apple Watch costs $17,000. There's no cheap, gold option (which could be because the gold watch is made of actual gold, but that's besides the point). So what do you do when you want a gold Apple Watch, and you only have $349?

As Casey Neistat shows us, you get some spray paint and you get to work:

If spray-painting your Apple Watch makes you too nervous, here are six other ways to customize your Apple Watch for way less than $17,000.

1. Change The Apple Watch's Face

If you're looking to customize your watch, it might be a good idea to start with the watch itself. Let me let Apple explain this one: "Most watches are designed with a single face. But Apple Watch comes with a range of watch faces — from traditional to playful to artful to educational." There are dozens of ways to customize the actual face of your Apple Watch, like toggling between digital display and analog, or changing the color and the background image. There's even a Mickey Mouse option for those who want to go really old school.

2. Customize An Apple Watch Band With Casetify

Right now, there are only 21 different bands for the Apple Watch available from Apple, but you can make your own customized Apple Watch band with Casetify. Just upload your own images to appear on the band using their mobile app. You can also pick from any of a number of stylish designs if you don't have the patience to sift through old Instagram photos.

3. Invest In A Bumper

Slim Armor Apple Watch Case, $20, Spigen

For the clumsy, Spigen makes a protective case for the Apple Watch called Slim Armor, which comes in a classy champagne gold for the very reasonable price of $19.99. There's also the Bumper by Actionproof, which, although not gold, does come in a sleek matte black.

4. Protect Your Screen

Stainless Steel Adapter For Apple Watch, $30, Luvvitt

LUVVITT makes both a completely clear and a stainless steel screen protector for the Apple Watch. It's not gold, but if you're still wondering if spray painting your Apple Watch gold is a good idea or not, you could maybe try the Neistat method on this significantly less expensive case. If nothing else, at least the face of your Apple Watch won't get scratched.

5. Buy An Apple Watch Band Adapter

According to their Kickstarter, Click is "the first patent-pending watch band adapter for Apple Watch." What that means is you can turn any standard 22-millimeter watch band into a band for your Apple Watch. You're no longer limited to the 21 options for Apple or the single material available from Casetify. If there's a watch with a band you like, you can now connect it to your Apple Watch.

6. Get Famous, Or Become Friends With Tim Cook

Karl Lagerfeld rolled up with a solid gold Apple Watch the other day, which isn't strange in and of itself. Quite a few celebrities have been spotted wearing the Apple Watch, including Katy Perry, Drake, and Beyoncé. But you know what was different about Uncle Karl's watch? His Apple Watch was totally tricked out and customized and (probably) one-of-a-kind. According to Business Insider, Karl was wearing a customized "gold version of the Link Bracelet that Apple currently only offers in Silver and Space Gray stainless steel." And he got it for free because he's Karl Lagerfeld and an arbiter of good taste for all. Long story short, if you want a truly unique Apple Watch for cheap, become an A-list celebrity.

Images: CaseyNeistat/YouTube; mymousecapades, casetify, bentoub/Instagram; Courtesy Brands