Mimi's "Infinity" Lyric Video Is Frito-mazing

There are lyric videos, and then there is the “Infinity” lyric video. Sunday, Mariah Carey’s new single, “Infinity”, made its e-debut. The new track will appear on Mimi's to-be-released greatest hits album, Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity. The song harkens back to the "We Belong Together" era and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Though both are slow jams that build to epic vocal moments, the lyrical content could not be more different: "We Belong Together" is a mid-tempo love song, whereas "Infinity" is a mid-tempo divorce song. And oh, how "Infinity" burns. Like Degrassi: The Next Generation, "Infinity" goes there.

The exquisite song didn’t show up alone. Rather, “Infinity” rolled up to the party with a lyric video. If you’ve seen lyric videos before, you've probably come to expect nothing more than a PowerPoint slideshow mess of choppy transitions and misheard lyrics. The “Infinity” lyric video could not be further from that. It is, and I say this with complete and utter sincerity, a brilliant work of art. I mean, that pile of Fritos? [Fans self.] Is there an award for lyric videos? If so, the trophy belongs to the "Infinity" lyric video.

I cannot wait to see the Brett Ratner-directed music vid for "Infinity", but damn if the the lyric video couldn't hold its own on the Vh1 Top 20 Countdown.

Here are the best moments from the "Infinity" lyric music video:

Any time Mimi's face appears in the sky

Lightning strikes and BAM! Mariah is watching over all of us.

When the word "YUP" pwns the word "BAG"

"BAG" just got bagged.

When the sky rains Fritos

Ugh, I wish the gas station up the street delivered. I'd be ordering so many bags of Fritos right now.

When Mimi channels Kermit the Frog

Not just any tea, but Lipton tea.

When Mimi's ex pulls a "new phone, who dis?"

Way to troll, ex. Way to troll.

When this translation happens

When I look at that screenshot, I imagine an Abbott & Costello-esque routine:PERSON 1: "I don't understand 'je ne comprends pas'!" PERSON 2: "'I don't understand.'"P1: "No, I don't understand. What does 'je ne comprends pas' mean?"P2: "'I don't understand.'"P1: "AUGH, fine. I guess you don't know what it means, either."P2: "'I don't understand.'"P1: "I get it. You don't understand, I don't understand, no one understands 'je ne comprends pas.'"P2: "'I. Don't. Understand.'"P1: [Leaves room in a huff.]P2: "Je ne comprends pas why that was so confusing."

When a doormat becomes a crime scene right before our eyes

Please wipe your feet before entering the domicile. Oh, and be sure to dodge all of the blood.

When the ring flies through the air

Is it a wedding band? Or the One Ring? The world may never know!

When "DUH" happens

Because duh.

When the butterfly in the sky goes infinity times as high

Take a look, it's in a book! It's Mimi Rainbow! Speaking of rainbows...

When Mimi hits a whistle note, this happens

I mean.

Images: MariahCareyVEVO/YouTube (11); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (5)