Corey Kent White Charms the Coaches In 'The Voice' Top 8 & Proves He Won't Go Down Without A Fight

Clearly I've had a thing for Team Blake tonight — but seriously, how could you not gush over Corey Kent White's Top 8 performance on The Voice? White is the only true country artist left in the competition — which has to be a first for this show — and he really put his name on the map tonight. The country cutie performed "When I See You Smile" by Bad English and every teenage girl (and adult girl and probably lots of males, too) went weak in the knees. White brought his performance to a new level tonight and finally proved why he's in this competition.

White is a great singer, but he's seemed to slide through this competition up until this point. There are two reasons for this: 1) he's the only country artist left and we know how much The Voice fans love their country artists; and 2) he's an incredibly attractive male with a voice that female dreams are made of. Seriously, if White sang me to sleep every night I would be a very happy lady. But up until now White's performances have been a little lackluster. He's skated through on the fact that he's an adorable country artist, but now that the game has heated up he's finally bringing it. His vocals were spot-on and he brought just the right mix of edge and charm that the classic rock song demanded.

White really has no chance of winning this game (sorry, but it's true). The competition is far too fierce, and this season is clearly one for a lady to take. But that doesn't mean that he should give up — and he clearly hasn't reached that point yet. Whether this is his last week or not (and it very well could be), White has proved that he can sing and deserves a career in the country music world — and he certainly deserves it. Watch out adorable, blonde country males (*cough* Hunter Hayes *cough*), White has entered the country scene and he's proved that he's going to do whatever it takes to stay there.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC