Are Max & Bird 'Finding Carter's Next Big Couple? Watch Out, Maxlor

Has this season of Finding Carter been weird or what? I don’t know, you guys. I’m just not sure I’m feeling it like I was last season. The more problems get resolved, the more the characters create baseless other problems to obsess over. Like, Taylor, for instance: Taylor breaks up with Max for forgiving Crash, and then she goes and rebels and hooks up with Ofe. WTF, Tay? The one good thing about that pairing was that it’s making room for my new favorite Finding Carter ‘ship: Bird and Max.

I know that Taylor and Max were the show’s best couple up to like, two weeks ago, but boy, has that all changed. Taylor is such a smart girl, but she’s so stuck on the fact that Max is such an evolved human being that he can stand to forgive Crash for shooting him. Personally, I think that she’s taking all of her family frustrations out on Max instead of her awful father, but maybe that’s just me. She broke Max’s heart, and if she wants to break Ofe’s heart, too, she’s doing a good job of getting on that path. And don’t even get me started on Crash and Carter. Carter, what are you even doing?

The adults don’t count because they have way more problems of their own, so I’m pushing to Max and Bird to find coupled-up bliss. Don’t think they’d be a good fit? I’ll prove it to you.

They’re Both Alone Right Now

Sure, Bird and Max both have parents, but, um, where are they? I mean, what kind of parents leave a 15-year-old home alone for years on end, with just a rolled-up bunch of c-notes for sustenance? Bird’s parents. Max’s mom is just letting him not be in school and live with Carter’s (and his ex-girlfriend’s) family because it seems like a good idea. Max has shades of Ryan Atwood painted all over him and it has not gone unnoticed.

They’re More Vulnerable Than You Think

Both Max and Bird paint this picture of being strong and cool and tough, but man, they are hurting when you chip the surface. Bird has a ton of abandonment issues stemming from her parents and how much they suck, and Max has pretty much been told this whole life that he’d never amount to anything. Wrong, wrong, wrong. These are two teens that have been hurt more times than anyone can really see, and they’ve put up a wall in order to combat that.

There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Bird is a totally amazing artist: Her painting of Carter last season may have been a little hard for Carter to stomach, but it was real and totally gripping. She’s creative in leaps and bounds, and she’s certainly always there for a friend (minus the time when she got Carter arrested). Tough-on-the-outside Max is a teddy bear. He is the most mature and evolved character on the entire series: Some of the stuff that gets written for his character, I’m like, oh, damn. This kid knows life. He’s empathetic, kind, and very smart. Max has insights that the adults even lack.

Bird and Max have a lot more common than we think. Of course, these pieces aren’t the only fundamental building blocks of a relationship, but it’s a great start. Now, let’s just hope that Taylor doesn’t want Max back (which I think she probably will).

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