What Makes Up A Kimmy Gibbler Outfit? The 'Full House' Teen Has Incredible Style — GRAPH

When it comes to naming the best-dressed character on Full House, there's no contest: Kimmy Gibbler, the Tanner's lovably annoying next-door neighbor, had the greatest outfits in all of San Francisco. Sure, Michelle wore Chanel, and Jesse rocked some nice leather jackets — but hands down, Kimmy had better fashion sense than all of the Tanners combined, even if none of them were wise enough to acknowledge it at the time.

The girl's outfits were legendary: leopard print T-shirts paired with giant pink scrunchies, prom dresses powered by electrical outlets, floor-length overalls on top of neon green tank tops. Her taste was eclectic and her decision-making questionable, but Kimmy's frequent shopping sprees always produced must-see results.

The other Full House characters tended to criticize her choice in clothes, making fun of her outfits whenever she walked into the room. Yet, fans of the show know that they couldn't have been more wrong; Kimmy's looks may have been odd, yes, but they were always ridiculously cool, not to mention always on trend — the teen was rocking plaid shirts and printed overalls during their mid-'90s prime, even when her friends were still crimping their hair and stocking up on leg warmers. There's no doubt about it: Kimmy Gibbler was a fashion icon.

Here's what went into a typical Kimmy Gibbler outfit, in pie chart form:

Image: ABC; Dawn Foster/Bustle