What Does Your Favorite 'Empire' Song Say About You? It's More Than Choosing Between Jamal & Hakeem

What gets stuck in your head even while Empire is on hiatus? I know we're all missing Cookie, Lucious, and their musical pride of Lyons, but what about them you miss is actually pretty revealing. In fact, I think your favorite Empire song says a lot about you. The world of Empire may be fictional, but since you can buy the full Empire soundtrack now on Amazon, iTunes or your local store, there's nothing stopping you from loving these tracks. It's also easy for two fans with an equal fervor for this show to have totally different tastes. There's such a variety of subgenres and stylistic choices on the series — frankly, I think it contributes to the show's universal appeal.

While plenty of people watch Empire solely for Cookie Lyon and all the drama, it's not difficult to form an opinion about the music on this show. Not only does Empire use music effectively in each episode, but the songs are often repeated in different venues and even with different artists. Sometimes repetition is all it takes for a song to get stuck in your head and worm its way into your heart. I'm looking at you, "You're So Beautiful"!

Whether your favorite Empire song was a signature hit, a significant moment for your favorite character, or a guest star's gem, the music on the Fox series is so complex, I bet I can tell what kind of person you are from your pick.

"What Is Love"

You love going to live shows because music just isn't the same on a record. Veronika Bozeman's raw emotion and talent prove that in the pilot. You might love telling your friends that Empire's success just proves that Smash should never have been canceled.

"Keep Your Money"

Empire on YouTube

You are #TeamJamal all the way. You were devastated by the end of the season. You're stubborn and proud of it. You secretly love the movie Begin Again.

"Walk Out On Me"

You have an old soul, and you really wish that Empire would crossover with Nashville.

"Keep It Movin'"

Empire on YouTube

You know that Beyonce's 7/11 video was one of the best things to ever happen to you. Tiana is your favorite on Empire , because you sometimes need a break from the Lyon brother drama.

"Good Enough"

EmpireFoxVEVO on YouTube

You had a secret emo phase in the early 2000s.

"Drip Drop"

Empire on YouTube

Besides being #TeamHakeem through and through, you like to have a good time. You're definitely not Porsha, and you were probably a lot cooler than me at High School dances and parties.

"No Apologies"

EmpireFoxVEVO on YouTube

You really wish that everyone could get along on Empire. We are stronger united! You also start your morning with a power stance and are making excellent progress on your New Year's resolutions. Good for you!

"You're So Beautiful"

You love line dancing with all your friends. You can call it "ironic," but I know the truth. What's wrong with that? I'm doing the Electric Slide to this song right now!

"You're So Beautiful (White Party)"

Empire on YouTube

You're a fan of begging forgiveness rather than asking permission, aren't you?


You never hit the shower without your anthem playlist.

Image: Chuck Hodes/Fox