Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Frameri Glasses & Get The Perfect Set Of Specs

Friday night's upcoming episode of Shark Tank will feature products that are supposed to revolutionize the world as we know it. Frameri certainly fits the bill. Yes, it is another online eyewear boutique in a similar vein to the mega-successful Warby Parker. However, there's more to Shark Tank hopeful Frameri than meets the eye.

Frameri sells affordable eyewear online targeted at the Millennial set, but there's something very different about these glasses that you won't find anywhere else. I'll get into that later because like any good pitchwoman, I don't want to give it all away at the beginning.

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We'll have to wait and see what tactics the representatives from Frameri use in their own pitch on Friday night's episode of Shark Tank in order to reel in the Sharks. And this is an interesting case, because I really don't know if Frameri will successfully score a deal with one or more sharks or if it will walk away empty-handed.

Frameri is definitely offering up an innovative service, but seeing as how none of the Sharks wear glasses, at least when they appear on Shark Tank, they might not understand the value of being able to buy specs that suit your style easily and affordably. Well, if the entrepreneurs behind Frameri bring up these six bullet points during their pitch, the Sharks should be seeing the bigger picture and, ultimately, the green.

1. Frameri Is A Next-Level Warby Parker

Many people consider Warby Parker to be a start-up that has changed the way people buy eyewear today. Though it would seem like Warby Parker would be Frameri's main competitor, Frameri has something no one else does. Frameri customers are encouraged to purchase one set of prescription lenses from the online eyewear retailer, which can pop out of one pair of frames and pop in to another. Whether you're just sick of carrying around your regular pair of glasses in addition to your shades or you just want to make sure your eyewear matches any possible outfit you can think of, Frameri has what you've been looking for.

2. Frameri's Website Is A One-Stop Shop

If you're picking up what Frameri is putting down, you can head over to its official online store now to start picking out everything from your frames to your lenses. Pairs of lenses and frames cost $100 each no matter which style you choose, so use that as permission to go crazy.

3. The Hardest Part About This Online Shopping Is Deciding What To Buy

Remember when buying new glasses entailed staring at a wall of lame specs at the optometrist's office while you and your mom argued for an interminable amount of time about which pair you were going to get? Well, snagging a pair (or two or three) from Frameri is as easy as any other kind of online shopping you do. Just head over to Frameri's website, choose what kind of frames you want (there are currently three different collections to choose from), customize your lenses, and fill in your prescription info at checkout. Apparently, you can make 540 different combinations in all. Everything will soon be shipped directly to your door. You'll then be able to use Frameri's patented Key technology, which allows you to take out your lenses and lock them in place once you pop them into a pair of frames. Lookin' good.

4. You Can Try Them On Virtually

The only downside to purchasing eyewear online is that you don't know how any of it will actually look on your face. Luckily, Frameri has thought of that and has set up a virtual fitting room that lets you try on different styles using a photo of yourself or even a live video feed from your webcam. It's not quite as awesome as Warby Parker's Home Try-On program, where you have five days to try on five pairs of glasses IRL for free. However, Frameri has free returns, so that's something.

5. It Rocked Indiegogo

Many products and services that appear on Shark Tank began as crowdfunding campaigns, so it's not surprising that Frameri got a boost from Indiegogo in October 2013. However, most crowdfunding campaigns are not this successful. Frameri more than doubled its goal, raising nearly $64,000. You better listen up, sharks. Clearly, this is something the people want.

6. The Founder Knows The Importance Of Sight

Konrad Billetz, the founder of Frameri, was shot in the eye by a BB gun when he was 11 years old and almost went blind. Luckily, that didn't happen, but the incident did impact Billetz's life by forcing him to wear corrective lenses and glasses. Billetz, who was included in Forbes ' "30 Under 30" list this year, came up with the idea for Frameri many years later when he became frustrated by constantly having to put his sunglasses over his frames while chilling at the beach one day. After an online search for interchangeable and attractive specs came up short, the lightbulb went off in Konrad's head.

You know the Sharks are just going to eat this product origin story up. It might even be enough to make them bite.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC