Dorinda & John Argue About Her Daughter On 'RHONY'

by Laura Rosenfeld

Can I just say how much I love that Dorinda Medley has joined the The Real Housewives of New York City cast? She is tough and witty and real and what this show desperately needed to breathe some new life into it. But what I love most about Dorinda is that she's not afraid to stand up for herself and those she loves, especially when it came to defending her daughter in an argument with her boyfriend John Mahdessian on Tuesday night's episode of RHONY.

I know it's not right to judge someone else's relationship, especially when your only evidence is the few minutes you see of how they interact on a reality TV show every week. But I'm going to do it anyway.

From the minute we met Dorinda and John on RHONY, it didn't seem like things weren't going to end great for these two. For one thing, their communication seemed to only consist of bickering. Dorinda also seemed to only have complaints about John in her confessional interviews. These two seem to already have the loathing of an old married couple, and they're not even married yet.

During a segment where Dorinda was hanging out with her daughter Hannah, she revealed that Hannah and John do not get along at all. Instead of breaking up with John or enraging her 20-year-old daughter, the two just never see each other and Dorinda keeps her two lives completely separate. She said it works for her, even though she said it sometimes feels like she has to choose between both of these important people in her life.

However, later in the episode, it looked like Dorinda and John were going to make some progress in their relationship. Dorinda invited John to spend the night, which never happens since Hannah is usually home. But it all went to Hell so, so quickly.

Dorinda and John were planning on going into business together, but she was hesitant because she's not sure how her daughter will feel about it. John didn't understand why, since Dorinda is a grown ass woman, she needed to take her daughter's feelings into consideration. This dude must not know many mothers because you do not say something so stupid to them. Ever.

And accordingly, Dorinda was having none of this. She, of course, said how important it is to take her daughter's feelings into account and confirmed John's fears that he would always be No.2 in her life, as any mother would rightfully say. Dorinda even said something that was so expletive-filled in response to John talking about a call with her daughter, I don't even know what she said. In response to John's continued protestations throughout the dinner, Dorinda said this brilliant line during her confessional: "Don't be a baby. She's my baby."

This arrangement with your daughter and boyfriend isn't working out so well anymore is it, Dorinda? She must know deep down inside that if she ever wants to make John a permanent fixture in her life, she's going to need her daughter on board too. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon.

And in case you were wondering, no, John did not end up staying over at Dorinda's place that night. Shocker.

Images: Mathieu Young/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr; Giphy