7 Ways To Wear A Jacket In The Springtime

It's no wonder that spring flings get a rep for being fickle and fleeting, no matter how sweet: We're just following suit from the weather. Spring styling tips are always a tricky bunch because you never quite now how warm it'll stay outside, which means you really never know how to wear a jacket in the spring.

One moment the sun is nothing but charming and full of honey words, laying it on thick as we walk bare-legged to the market or decide to take our lunch outside. "This is what we've been waiting for," we think as we close our eyes and practically hum in all that warmth. The winter almost seemed worth it. Then, just as quickly, it decides that it's over it and, without so much as a shrug, moves on from us and leaves us in the cold. Or if it's feeling extra mean, breaks up with us with a boatload of cold rain. Break out your tissues and waterproof outfits, everyone.

You think a gal would learn. It seems like the time will never come when we get to trade in our sweaters for summer dresses and short shorts. But even though we fall for spring's wily ways every now and then, there is a way that you can begin to dabble with short sleeves and traditional summer prints. The answer? Jackets. With some clever layering, you can use all different types of jackets to roll out your spring wardrobe and look just as sunny as our counterparts on the West Coast. Here are seven examples of just how:

1. Pair Denim With Bold Spring Prints

Florals, giant palms, and tribal prints are always summer staples, and you can count on them to help you create bold, playful looks. While I know that you're itching to pair them with flatforms and nothing else, use the cooler weather as an opportunity to match them with denim jackets — snug ones and thigh-skimming ones alike. The neutral color will help simultaneously calm the busy print down and add a pop of color to your outfit.

2. Use Leather Jackets As A Contrast

You know all those sweet floral dresses and delicate midi skirts you reserve for May-inspired brunches? Have some fun with them by taking them to the other side of the sartorial spectrum and toughening them up. Pair your delicate pieces with a fitted leather jacket for an unexpected mix of edgy and feminine.

3. Bring Out The Jumpsuits With The Help Of Leather

Or, alternatively, use the leather jacket as the perfect layering piece for those jumpsuits and rompers you've been collecting. A fitted motto balances out a wide leg jumpsuit beautifully, and the sleek, inky leather helps tone down a busy pattern. In the end you look effortlessly cool but still look springtime ready.

4. Make Linen Jackets Your New Cardigans

You know all those outfits you typically pop a cardigan over? Those short A-line skirts, grungy floral dresses, fitted overalls, baggy tees and high waist jeans — the list can go on and on. To mix things up (and add extra warmth!) trade in that cardigan for a linen or cotton jacket. It's got the feel of a sweater, but is a more eye-catching outerwear choice because of its sturdier structure. It also adds a nice casual but polished touch to any look.

5. Match Blazers With Summer Dresses

Itching to haul out your winter items and stock your closet full of summer dresses? I say do it, especially if you have blazers. Take your sheer numbers, floral pieces, and happy colored frocks and pair them up with sleek blazers for a sophisticated and classy look.

Mixing textures always promises to make an outfit more interesting, and pairing sheer pieces with velvet anything is always a winning combination. Just be sure to cinch a belt around your natural waist to drag the eye towards your middle (anchoring the look), and take this in-between-weather as an opportunity to mix seasons and pair your wool shrugs or fur infinity scarves with the outfit.

6. Let Trenches Help You Keep Things Classy

There's nothing more classic than a woman in a trench, so take this as a chance to bring out your effortless, no-fuss side. Pair the iconic coat with minimalist and classy pieces, like column maxi dresses, polka dot or stripe prints, or white button-ups and cigarette pants. The look is incredibly easy to throw together and will make you feel like you've got nothing but elegance.

7. Repeat After Me: Cargo Jackets Are Made For Floral Dresses

Want an easy uniform to subscribe to in this tricky styling weather? Repeat after me: Floral skater dress plus collared shirt plus cargo jacket equals winning every time. It's effortless and simple and gives off a casual but put-together vibe. Just like a denim jacket, a light cargo coat can help quiet down busy patterns while also contributing a new color into the outfit's palette. The shorter the dress you choose the baggier the jacket you can wear — and you can keep things looking polished by choosing sharp, clean-lined booties and structured bags.

Images: Author's Own