Halloween 2013: What the 'Pretty Little Liars,' 'New Girl' Casts Dressed Up As

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Every Halloween, it becomes very obvious that TV needs a new Roseanne. The ABC sitcom, which just celebrated its 25th birthday, took Halloween very seriously, and each year's special episode featured amazing costumes, gross pranks, and a sense that the cast and crew really went all out to entertain their fans. What show now gets us as excited about Halloween?

Unfortunately, there isn't one that decided to take the reins. Friends owned Thanksgiving, The O.C. created Chrismukkah, and The Office always had a great Christmas party, but we're still waiting for a show to make Halloween its own. Instead, we're left with series forced to find ways to vaguely hook their plots to the spooky holiday by forcing their characters to Halloween parties.

That said, we can still enjoy these episodes on a surface level. Because, admittedly, the costumes can be pretty great. Since TV characters have unlimited budgets and the creativity of an entire writing (and costuming) staff behind them, get-ups are almost always clever, true-to-character, and really great-looking.

So, click on to see some of the best costumes worn this year by TV characters. Just remember that they'll never top Roseanne's. And to any TV writers out there, the Halloween throne has been vacant for 16 years — just saying.

Image: ABC Family

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