Hanna & Caleb Are 'Pretty Little Liars' Most Invincible 'Ship & This Graph Proves It

It's really hard to be an OTP and if any couple knows that, it's Pretty Little Liars ' Haleb. When you're every fan's ultimate #relationshipgoals, it's basically guaranteed that you'll be challenged over and over again — which is exactly what has happened to Hanna and Caleb throughout the past five seasons of PLL . So far, they've faced a spinoff, A, frenemies, jail, and countless other obstacles trying to break them up. But luckily for all of us 'shippers who have struggled alongside our favorite couple, they've not only made it through everything, but come out the other side stronger than ever. (Take that, Charles.) Of course, that doesn't mean I. Marlene King and her team of writers haven't made us worried sick over whether this pair will make it to the PLL Haleb wedding we're all hoping for.

In the middle of Season 5, Haleb became PLL's resident ride-or-die 'ship and, out of all the series' main couples, they're the only pair that made it to the end of what was probably PLL's craziest season relatively unscathed. Honestly, that should be proof enough that Haleb's future is safe, regardless of what'll be thrown at them in Season 6. Still, as strong as Haleb stands now, we can't forget all of the people, places, and A attacks that threatened to destroy them forever. So, like the good 'shippers we are, we came up with a handy matrix that'll hopefully prove to Haleb fans that even in their darkest moment, if Hanna and Caleb have been through THIS much, there's no way they could give up on each other.

Here is every threat Haleb has faced on PLL, how much it worried 'shippers, and how close it came to doing the unthinkable.

Hanna and Caleb might've successfully faced all of these threats, but that doesn't mean I'm about to get rid of my Haleb prayer candle.

Images: Screengrab/ABC Family; Samantha Rullo/Bustle