8 Times Veronica & Wallace Were Your Friendship Goals On 'Veronica Mars'

It's tragically rare for guys and girls to stay just friends on a teenage soap, but luckily, Veronica Mars was a rare kind of a show. The friendship between Wallace Fennel and titular character Veronica Mars sparked in the very first episode of the series, and ever since then these two have been ride or die for one another without even the hint of a romantic connection. As someone who adores her guy friends, that's as refreshing as ever.

But, of course, the friendship between these two wasn't ideal only because it was romance-free. Wallace and Veronica were there for one another through thick and thin, never questioning each other's loyalty or the legality of their actions. (OK, the last part was mostly Wallace — Veronica never exactly cared whether things were legal or not.) Basically, these two achieved all of your friendship goals and then some — who wouldn't want to be part of the Wallace and Veronica squad?

There are plenty of amazing friendship moments between Veronica and Wallace during the show's sadly too-short three season run, so here are just a handful of the moments that defined Veronica and Wallace's epic friendship and made you wish all of your friendships could be as strong as theirs.

When Wallace Knew Veronica Was Worth Sacrificing His Reputation

Veronica saved Wallace from a PCHer attack before she even knew his name, so Wallace decides to befriend her at the expense of his own reputation at Neptune High. It's high school politics, sure, but sacrificing any and all cool points when you're the new kid in school is so not easy.

When Wallace Defines Veronica In One Sentence

And subsequently created a fandom name we could all get behind.

When Veronica Makes Wallace Her Partner In Crime

For lone wolf Veronica, this is kind of huge.

When Wallace Comes Back To Neptune — And Veronica

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Cue the tears of joy.

When Veronica Confides In Wallace

Veronica opens up to Wallace about her assault at the 09er party a year earlier, proving that she trusts him enough to confide in him.

When They Confirmed Their Best Friendship


When Wallace Said He'd Do It All Again

Because of course it was.

And When Nothing Changed, Years After That Pole Taping

Wallace and Veronica FTW.

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