Todrick Hall Singing All Of Beyoncé's Albums In 4 Minutes Will Make You Fall Crazy In Love With Him — VIDEO

There are important preferences in every woman's life. Beyoncé albums, for example, are a necessary preference to express. (My favorite is still "I Am...Sasha Fierce," which is the Beyoncé equivalent of being an old soul. Maybe. Shout out to everyone who paused reading this to listen to "Diva".) From Kanye mashups to DJ Earworm's annual mashup, we're all about the YouTube compilations. But now there's one to rival all the rest: Todrick Hall singing all of Beyoncé's albums in 4 minutes.

Yeah. That's happening. It's sort of like the United States of Pop...except it's the United Albums of Queen B. The execution is so impressive. Not only do the words and transitions from each song work, but watching four Todrick's perform is everything we could ever want.

The YouTuber, who is known in the vlogosphere for his vocals, has struck gold with his latest Beyoncé video. He's already well established on YouTube, in that he casually has over 1 million subscribers and his own Wikipedia page. You might also recognize him from American Idol Season 9, where he made it to the semi-finals. He made such a name for himself last year that he was on Forbes Hollywood 30 Under 30 in 2014.

Here's Todrick singing 5 Beyoncé albums in 4 minutes:

todrickhall on YouTube

Looking so ~crazy in love~ on top. The amount of thought that must have gone into those lyrics is more than my brain can handle.

Todrick is also known for his Beyoncé flash mob at Target:

todrickhall on YouTube

It's to "End of Time," and if Target didn't sponsor that, it's completely unjust because after watching that dance, I definitely want to go to Target.

I was sifting through the rest of Todrick's videos (because I'm human and what else would I have done after watching that Beyoncé mash up?) and of course, I found his American Idol audition. He wrote a song for the judges, and it's pretty awesome:

JulielovesSnoopy on YouTube

Simon gives him ONE clap. And he asked for it, which was impressive.

I'm not going to lie, I'd stopped watching American Idol by Season 9, but it seems like Todrick had a pretty impressive following on the show. He sang "Since You Been Gone"—borrowing from former Idol star, Kelly Clarkson:

JulielovesSnoopy on YouTube

Personally, I liked his Queen cover better. Todrick sings "Somebody To Love":

barbershoppeAI on YouTube

His back up vocalists were amazing too. Also, this is the week Ellen DeGeneres guest judged and listening to her review is the BEST.

Todrick is seriously everywhere. In 2013, he hung out with Ariana Grande for a YouTube video. He interviews her and then flashes her. (As in, does a flashmob of her songs, what did you think I was getting at?!)


Ariana Grande` on YouTube

Ariana Grande is overwhelmed and FREAKING OUT with happiness. "Is that my brother?!" She can't contain herself, it's adorable.

To top it all off, here's Todrick's "Glee audition" from 2011. He essentially sings his resumé and miraculously makes it all rhyme:

todrickhall on YouTube

"OMG, I wanna be on Glee." Killed it.

For more Todrick, follow his YouTube channel, Instagram or find him on MTV soon enough.