Ian, Nikki & 7 More Celebrity Horse Lovers

Saturday is approaching quickly, and with it comes this year's highly anticipated Kentucky Derby. While the events are taking place down south, scores of fans will be placing their bets and tuning in, with various parties in place to celebrate what can be considered a worldwide phenomenon. Although not considered to be as star-speckled as something like Coachella, several A-Listers will anxiously be awaiting the Kentucky Derby, as well. With high stakes and party planning underway, scores of celebrities will likely be tuning in (if not attending), to share their love for the equine community. Riding boots aren't donned by celebs simply as a fashion statement — several have had a lifelong love of horseback riding, while others developed a fondness for certain equine friends while working onset.

Jewel and Madonna are two celebrities who have featured these gentle giants in their music videos, while Johnny Depp developed a fondness for his furry friend who played Gunpowder in Sleepy Hollow. Singer Hilary Duff has taken a philanthropic route with her love for their equine community with the nonprofit organization Return to Freedom. Along with the aforementioned horse lovers, there are several other celebs who enjoy sidling up to horses throughout the year.

Kaley Cuoco

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The Big Bang Theory actress is also a known animal lover. She has displayed much affection for her colt, Thor, even naming him the "Sexiest Horse Alive" during an interview with People.



She may have dressed like a matador at the 2015 Grammy Awards, but Madonna has a greater affinity for horses than bulls. After suffering injuries due to a horse riding accident in 2005, Madonna has literally gotten back in the saddle. She even stated that her skills within the equine community saved her from sustaining "serious injuries" after taking a tumble at the BRIT Awards.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is known for his unparalleled acting skills, but it wasn't simply commitment to the role of Icabod Crane in 1999's Sleepy Hollow that caused Depp to seem so effortlessly attached to his equine costar. After growing fond of Goldeneye — the one-eyed horse playing Crane's loyal Gunpowder — Depp decided to adopt the horse in order to save him from euthanasia.

Hilary Duff

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Pop singer and actress, Hilary Duff, shared her love for horses in People We Know, Horses They Love by Jill Rappaport and Wendy Wilkinson.


Singer Jewel grew up riding and caring for horses, as her aunt owned a dude ranch operation in Alaska. Since finding success, Jewel has frequently featured her love of the equine population in music videos.

Jennifer Garner

Even with her busy schedule, actress Jennifer Garner has made time to introduce her children to some gentle giants. In 2013, she was seen feeding a horse with her son, Samuel, and she also took her toddler to visit an equine friend the following year.

Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber rode a horse shirtless in 2014, fans were — understandably — more drawn to Bieber's increasing Rolodex of odd antics than his love of the equine community. To everyone's delight (or disappointment?) the mischievous pop star put on a shirt eventually, and at least appeared to have some adequate horseback riding skills.

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed

Newlyweds Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have long shared a love for the equine community. In 2014, the couple adopted a horse they named Eagle, and have since been photographed lovingly horsing around. I guess it's true: The couple who rides together, stays together.

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