Could These Famous Horses Win The Kentucky Derby?

by Keertana Sastry

The annual major horse-racing championship known as the Kentucky Derby is upon us, and I love reading about the derby every year. From choosing the perfect derby hat to ranking the best fashion at the competition and drinking the right kind of mint julep, the festivities surrounding the derby get as much coverage as the actual races. In fact, I'm considering having an all out Kentucky Derby party this year. The competition takes place May 1st and 2nd, and, while people more knowledgable about odds than I am can attempt to pick a potential winner, all my entertainment-based brain can do is imagine what the race would look like if the horses competing in the Kentucky Derby were famous horses from classic films and TV shows. Who would win the championship?

For obvious reasons, I am excluding real-life horses upon which some shows and films were based. Basically, that means that horses like Seabiscuit and Secretariat are not in the running. Animated horses do get to be involved, as do historical or mythical horses that may not be all horse. Confused? You'll understand soon enough. So without further ado, can you guys tell me which of these fictional horses would best the others for The Kentucky Derby's coveted crown?

1. Mr. Ed

Other than being quite the chatty Cathy, does Mr. Ed really do much of anything? In terms of horse racing caliber, it doesn't seem like he has much, though he'd be entertaining to listen to during the race. I've always wondered what goes through a horse's mind in this kind of competition. How much do you think they want to beat up their jockey?

2. Old Peppermill, Full House

This horse knocked Michelle off after it got spooked. For obvious reasons, Old Peppermill is out and would never win the Derby.

3. Pokey, Gumby

Nope. But how cute was Pokey you guys?

4. Chestnut, 2 Broke Girls

Chestnut lives too cushy a life (even if his owner doesn't so much at the moment). He wouldn't be able to take on the stress and strenuousness of competing in the Derby, let alone winning it.

5. Silver, The Lone Ranger

Hi Ho Silver! He could totally win.

6. Black Stallion, The Adventures of Black Stallion

Though I sincerely doubt the Black Stallion would actually want to participate in a competition like this, he could totally win.

7. Bullseye, Toy Story 2 & 3

He might be a toy, but he has a lot of heart and determination. Sure, he wouldn't win, but look how cute he is!

8. Pegasus, Hercules

He has wings and he was made by the gods at Mount Olympus. Literally no one could beat this horse.

9. Khan, Mulan

Mushu may have called him Bessie, but don't think Khan is an overweight, lazy horse. He worked just as hard (if not harder at times) than Mulan to defeat the Huns. A horse racing championship is probably a piece of cake in comparison.

10. Trigger, Roy Rogers

Yup. Once again, this horse is definitely a contender.

11. Phillippe, Beauty and the Beast

Phillippe was a little bit of a scaredy cat, but he was loyal. He may not be able to win this fictional derby but he certainly would try his hardest not to let his jockey down.

Images: Screenshot/Pixar; Screenshot/Walt Disney Studios (2); Screenshot/Warner Brothers; Screenshot/YouTube (3)