Sophie's Even Cooler Than Sansa IRL

Sophie Turner is one of those cool teenagers who makes me feel bad for being jealous of teens in the first place. And (spoiler alert!) her character Sansa Stark also just got infinitely cooler on the most recent season of Game Of Thrones, dying her hair and making the king of manipulation Lord Baelish believe she's naive and young. She definitely used to be when the series started, but Sansa has had to grow up fast due to general catastrophic horrors and the death of her entire family, etc. And since she's so cool in real life, Sophie Turner might be even better than the teen queen of Westeros, which might seem impossible, but all you have to do is creep her on social media to see it's true. If her Twitter is silver, her Instagram is pure gold.

Even though she's a busy bee, 19-year-old Turner still finds time to fill followers' Instagram feeds with goodies. She seems so normal that you almost forget that besides playing Sansa Stark, she's also the newest Jean Grey in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse (!!!) and she's starring in Another Me, a psychological thriller involving evil twins (sign me up). So yeah, she's got a lot going on, but she just seems like the coolest girl in school (which I bet she would be). Here are some of her best 'grams from the past year that really prove it.

When She Cuddled With A Real Live Dire Wolf

Lady Sansa and Lady!

When She Was Stylin' On Ya

I need this shirt yesterday.

When She Put Our Crop Top Game To Shame

This is a level of look I will never reach. Mad respect. Also, petition to have Sophie Turner play a young Julianne Moore in a Julianne Moore biopic.

When She Mastered The Selfie

Oh my god, LOL. And those braids are perfect.

When She Was Flexible

Exorcist indeed. I'd watch a remake starring Sophie for sure.

When She Hung Out With Hailee Steinfeld

DOUBLE teen dreams!

When She Was On A Boat

Really rocking that poncho.

When She Hung Out With The Prince Of Dorne

Too many hotties in one photo, though.

When She Was On A Bus

À la Carrie Bradshaw. Who knows... maybe George R.R. Martin's next kingdom will be Shartsville.