Kendall May Have Photoshopped Her Belfie

Photoshopped images of celebrities is nothing new, but celebs Photoshopping their own pictures seems to be an emerging trend. Kendall Jenner posted a belfie (read: butt selfie) on Instagram that appears to be heavily edited, and this whole trend has officially gotten out of control. Sure, magazines and ad campaigns have been retouching and enhancing photos of famous people for decades, and that has unfortunately become somewhat of the norm, but celebs becoming retouching experts on their own social media accounts? That's just straight up crazy.

First of all, Photoshop fails happen more often than not. Remember when Lindsay Lohan posted a butchered image of herself on Instagram? Or the time Beyonce photoshopped her own thigh gap? Yeah, that wasn't obvious or anything... Yet, for some reason, celebs still think they are pros when it comes to the art of editing. Unfortunately, Kendall seems to be a class A rookie on the subject, because her #belfie is so obviously edited it hurts.

And what the heck can she even be trying to alter about her body? When supermodels start editing their pics, that's when you know the world has gone mad. What does that say for the rest of us? It's not exactly the body positive message I was hoping she was trying to send.

Take a look on the photo below.

It's pretty obvious that Kendall adjusted the image to make her butt look bigger. When your sister is Kim Kardashian, AKA has the most rockin' booty on the planet (sans J. Lo, of course), I guess I kind of get wanting to fit in. But if you're going to photoshop, at least make it look somewhat real.

Here are three pieces of evidence that prove the belfie is in fact edited.

1. The Background

This is literally the biggest rookie mistake of all time. Never EVER Photoshop pictures in front of walls with geometric objects and lines. That mirror in the background is insanely distorted, pretty much proving this was edited.

2. The Fish-Eye Lens Effect

Anyone who has an Instagram can recognize this effect. You know, where the image looks convex as if it's getting narrower? Super obvious here, to the extent that it almost appears to be an intentional, stylized effect.

3. Butt To Body Ratio

Take another look at her enlarged derrière. It doesn't look very proportional with the rest of her body does it? Here is a tip: if your body looks super distorted, it's probably a #photoshopfail.