Can You Shave Your Legs With Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is seriously so fetch right now. I hadn't jumped on the trend yet, until my editor asked me to find out if shaving with coconut oil would actually work. I had seen people use the seemingly magical, natural oil to shine their shoes, as a hair mask, to cook, and as a cleaning product, so I had to believe there was literally nothing it couldn't do, besides handle my taxes and straighten up my bank account — but I trust someone is already working on that specific blend of coconut oil.

Until now, I had a pretty strict shaving routing: I shave my legs with conditioner, diving them into three shaving section — the shin, the knee, and the thigh. Using conditioner was less expensive than shaving cream, plus it moisturizes my legs more than just soap and water. I was anxious to give up my practically perfected shaving routine, but was happy to do it for the sake of beauty journalism. And while I have not perfected the experiment yet, I am excited to try this shaving routine again.

Since this is going on the Internets, I would like to make it known that I was wearing a bathing suit the entire time of this experiment. Also, I did not cut myself, which is like the first time in a year I've shaved my legs without a drop of blood.

Step 1: Gather the oil

For some reason, I thought this amount of oil would work for shaving all of my shin. I did one shin and quickly realized it was not enough. Also, it's important to let the oil melt a little bit before trying to dig it out. For this particular experiment, I used Louana Pure Coconut Oil in a 30 oz. jar. While the amount pictured here wasn't quite enough, I did realize that a small amount of oil goes a long way.

Step 2: Shave

If you look closely, you can see the line where I had just shaved my leg. Since I didn't use enough of the coconut oil at first, I could definitely feel the razor burn feeling coming on strong.

Step 3: Repeat

For the next shin, I can a much larger dollop of coconut oil. This worked much better than the small amount I had previously gotten. This much covered my entire shin, and I did not have to go back in for seconds. By this time, the oil had slightly melted and was easier to dig out of the jar. Finally, even after shaving, my legs felt like they were covered in some sort of healing, moisturized serum.


The coconut oil worked pretty decently. I will probably continue to use it until the coconut oil runs out (between cooking, shining my shoes and washing my face). But I was not overly more impressed than my typical conditioner routine.

Images: Hayli Goode (3); Giphy