Juliette's Bandana Is So '90s

The '90s have made their way back into fashion in so many ways of late. Most recently, Juliette Lewis wore a purple paisley bandana to a screening of the Yves Saint Laurent biopic in NYC, and it totally reminded me of my childhood. Between Julianne Moore's light-up shoes, and Rihanna's bucket hat, old-school trends are here to say, and I couldn't be more on board.

Lewis kept her look pretty laid back by donning white jeans, a graphic white tee shirt, and a simple black blazer. She rocked the throwback fashion accessory tied around her neck for a casual yet creative touch. I secretly hoped she would go for a full-on flashback and rock the bandana tube top, but I guess a neck scarf will have to suffice. The best part of the ensemble, IMO, are the thick gold hoops she paired with it, which looked a lot like door-knocker earrings (remember those?!) and contributed to the overall '90s-inspired grungy vibe of the outfit.

Personally, I hope this look starts a domino effect that revives the paisley bandana. I would be lying if I said I didn't still have my red one from way back in the day. Perhaps now I can dig it out and wear it like a scarf à la Juliette?

Take a look.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And how perfect is her peace sign pose with this? She totally nailed it. If you're feeling like bringing back the bandana yourself, here are some cool ones that would totally rock in 2015.


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Image: Getty Images