Social Media Is Now A Factor In One In Seven Divorce Cases, Study Says, And Some Couples Are Fighting About It Every Day

Facebook is the worst. It sucks up our time, is a battleground of whose life is more exciting, and even causes rifts in relationships. You’d think Twitter might be a little better, but it’s not. Basically, social media causes divorce with its wicked ways. New research has confirmed that the evilness that is social media is becoming more and more a component of divorce. Whereas even five years ago Facebook was almost never mentioned in divorce cases, now one in seven married couples have seriously decided to call it quits with their partner because of it. The research also found that the same amount of people admitted to searching online for proof of a suspected cheating partner and one in five say they fight every day with their partner because of social media related drama. Skype, Snapchat, and What’sApp have also been known to play a key roll in the divorce of some couples.

Facebook, most especially, has become a danger zone for couples. Between posting photos, putting a “like” on something, or even exchanging some flirty banter in a comment section, tone and intention can be easily misinterpreted. While Facebook has made the world feel smaller, it has also made connecting to our past and present perhaps a bit too easy. Tracking down a former fling can be done in a matter of minutes, and for some relationships, especially those that are already in murky waters, it can take a toll. It’s not easy to watch your partner have a cutesy back-and-forth with someone else. If that’s what’s going on in front of everyone on Facebook, what sort of messages are being sent privately? Sexy ones, probably.

Facebook has even pushed 14 percent of couples to stalk their partner’s page for evidence of infidelity, a fifth, after having found something startling, seriously questioned their partner’s loyalty, and a third of people keep their log-in information top secret to prevent their partner from seeing what what’s going on behind the scenes.

It seems silly that something like Facebook or Twitter could potentially contribute to the end of a relationship, but in a world where everyone is constantly plugged in, social media has just become completely integrated into our lives. It feels almost desperate to be without it, and because of that, we’ve allowed ourselves to take it too seriously.

So the next time you think about calling in the divorce attorneys because your partner put a “like” on the photo of someone whom you just might feel threatened by, take a deep breath and step back. Divorce is a logical step for many couples, but if you have to stand before a judge and explain that you’re parting ways over a Facebook "like," you’re going to feel really foolish. I don’t think you want that. Seriously.

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