Adam Lambert Nailed "Ghost Town" On 'Ellen'

In case you missed it: Adam Lambert performed his new single, "Ghost Town," live for the first time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday — and he totally killed it. The 33-year-old singer has always been an impressive live performer (and there are videos to prove it), but now, his confidence, charisma, and overall stage presence are off the charts. Something tells me his time spent touring with rock band Queen really helped him take his skills to the next level.

Case in point: Instead of just standing at the mic and awkwardly shifting in place during "Ghost Town's" instrumental breaks (a trap a less experienced performer might've fallen into), Lambert posed, danced, and took full advantage of his performance space, strutting around the stage like a seasoned pro. He was feeling himself — and can you blame him? He looked so effortlessly cool on that smoke-filled stage, groovin' to "Ghost Town's" thumping house beat. Of course, it goes without saying that his vocals were on point, too. I mean, would you expect anything less?

"Ghost Town" serves as the lead single from Lambert's upcoming new album, The Original High , which drops on June 16. Check out his fantastic Ellen performance below.

Sing it, Adam!

Image: "Adam Lambert Performs 'Ghost Town'"/ellentube