This Dog Has A Treat Stuck To Her Butt, So She's Riding The Struggle Bus Just As Hard As You Are — VIDEO

This puppy is straight up embarrassing in the best way. Long story short: She has a doggie treat stuck to her butt. Yeah. That's happening. This isn't your average pooch with a great Instagram. She may not be a celebrity puppy yet, but if unfortunate and hilarious mishaps like this keep happening to her, she definitely has star potential. And while you might say this puppy's life is—wait for it—RUFF, she's one of those dogs who will cheer you up no matter what.

This puppy is smart enough to know that her situation is embarrassing, but confident and bada$$ enough not to care. Think about it, what's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you today? Already today, I've had an awkward run-in with a Beverly Hills child who mentioned that he didn't like my outfit to his mom. (Shining moment for me, BTW.) And I helped a friend move while wearing slippers and trying to hide that fact from the neighbors. Oh, and I've already made one painfully bad doggie pun in this article, and I have a feeling there may be more to come. What I'm saying is we are all entitled to embarrassing moments and at least this puppy is fabulous enough to own it.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the dog who has a treat stuck to her butt and is riding the Friday struggle bus:

TeagenCorgi &Friends on YouTube

This lady pup and I aren't the only ones struggling along as we attempt to trek to the end of the work week. So for all of you who are struggling with us (even if you're not reading this on a Friday) here are a few more dogs and humans who are facing a few challenges, and refusing to succumb to them:

1. These dog owners REALLY don't want to wake up

...but whose pups are not taking no for an answer. It's awkward (read: HILARIOUS) for everyone.

2. These dogs can't be distressed or awkward because they are meeting babies for the first time and feeling every feeling that's ever existed

While you wouldn't think this would be a challenge, some of the pups and babes are pretty agitated. Making new friends is hard! Give them a break!

3. This puppy, Kibo, just can't even and he wants food. Those are some very real issues.

Jon Sun on YouTube

Kibo's a Shiba Inu and he has a panic attack and/or excitement frenzy every time food comes near him. You think you're ready for your lunch break? Take a walk in Kibo's shoes.

4. I just found out that Kibo is in fact an internet sensation and is somewhat well known for not being able to handle life. He's perpetually on that struggle bus grind, much like myself.

Jon Sun on YouTube

Anyway, in this video it's him versus the dust blower and honestly, my money's on the dust blower. Sorry, Kibo.

5. And then for all the humans out there, here is a video that only your hangriest self will understand: "3 Things Your Hangry Friend Needs You To Know."

BuzzFeedViolet on YouTube

Bless the truth in this video.

Here's hoping your struggle eases up today and that you get zero things stuck to your butt.

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