Livia Firth's Met Gala Gown Will Be Eco-Friendly

If you're planning on attending the Met Gala, you are definitely choosing your gown weeks (if not months) ahead of time in order for everything to be perfect, from the fit to that last little seam. So I can't even imagine how long Livia Firth's gown, made of recycled plastic bottles, took to make. When she appears beside her husband, Colin Firth, she'll be wearing something that probably won't look anything like plastic bottles, but it's the thought that counts, right? It'll be a big moment for the eco-friendly fashion world, a world that she's already widely part of.

The gown was designed by Antonio Berardi, and Firth has been involved in its creation from the beginning. Berardi originally sketched the dress for Firth's Green Carpet Challenge, back in 2012. The challenge is part of Firth's project that works to promote sustainability and brand awareness. Firth is the Creative Director or Eco Age, a "brand consultancy that enables businesses to achieve growth by adding value through sustainability," according to their About Us page.

Firth posted a sketch of the gown on her Instagram, showing what will likely be one stunning gown. The double train and tassle-trim only add to the elegance of the dress, while also fitting perfectly with the gala's theme: "China: Through The Looking Glass." And again, it's made of recycled plastic bottles, more specifically, a fabric called Newlife yarn, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

All of this may seem a little hippy-dippy to you, but after growing up in Colorado, I have a close connection to recycling and I feel that this dress might just be my favorite gown from the whole Gala, which is a bold statement since it hasn't even happened yet.