Kim Kardashian Tells Bruce Jenner He Can't Steal Her Glam Team, But We're Pretty Sure She's Just Kidding

After hearing and seeing Kim Kardashian’s support, love, and response to Bruce Jenner’s decision to identify himself as a woman, it makes sense why Jenner opened up and said Kim K. was the “most accepting" of the Klan. It's for those reasons that I believe she was completley joking when Kim Kardashian said her glam team was off-limits from dad Bruce Jenner. Some of the Internet is freaking out over this, but c'mon — she's on a late night TV show and she's trying to make a joke. Cut the girl some slack!

Ever since Kanye told Kim how he's "nothing if I can’t be me," Kim has been nothing but super supportive of Jenner's transition. When Kardashian was interviewed recently on Jimmy Kimmel, she opened up about how Jenner feels really grateful for all the support from people worldwide. It was a really heartfelt conversation, but Kardashian sweetly added in some humor by saying, “Yes I said, ‘The only thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team, they are mine!” But jokes aside, she continued to explain how she’s willing to always give advice about style or answer any questions about fashion if Jenner ever needed. So, yes — it was totally a joke, guys!

Check out the whole bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Image: kimkardashian/Instagram