Ew, Beards Have WHAT On Them?!

by Sara Levine

Like many women, I can definitely appreciate a good beard--I wouldn't say I only go after bearded fellows, but I can certainly admire some quality facial hair when I see it. But to all the ladies who love beards, I have some news that might put a slight damper on your parade: your bae's beard may be as dirty as a toilet seat, at least according to some investigation done by a lab in New Mexico. So the next time you have the urge to rub your face against some handsome guy's scruff (not judging, we've all been there), you might want to resist, unless you want a whole bunch of germs all over you.

A number of bearded volunteers had their beards swabbed and sent to a lab for analysis, and the results are, well, crappy: microbiologists found poop particles in the beards. Ewwwww. This isn't the first time we're hearing that beards aren't exactly what you'd call hygienic, though--a recent study at the Birmingham Trichiology Centre found that beards are basically a grease trap for bacteria because the coarse hair just insulates all those unwanted germs and keeps them trapped in there. Let me repeat: ewwww. I'm not sure whether to gag or cry, but maybe a little bit of both is in order.

But, despite the fact that the video narrator, Patrick Jones said, "If beards were SAT scores, we wouldn't get into our safety schools," there is some redemption. Apparently poop particles can be found on many other things we come into contact with everyday, like:

1. Your Phone

Yep, your beloved iPhone is basically a toilet, so think about that the next time you put it up to your face, or bring it to the bathroom for that matter.

2. Your Toothbrush

You might have already known that fecal particles run rampant on your toothbrush, but just in case you didn't here's a reminder to get a toothbrush cover.

3. The Holy Water at Church

I don't even want to know why they tested for this, but okay I guess.

So maybe beards aren't all that bad, but it might be time to step up the hygiene routine just to be safe.

Watch the full video below for more news that may gross you out and severely disappoint you at the same time.

Images: Francesco Lodolo / Flickr; Vuz TV / Youtube; Giphy