7 Fictional Brother Role Models for Prince George

Although Prince William and Princess Kate's son Prince George is too young to understand it yet, the birth of the Princess on May 2 brought with it even more responsibility than being an heir to the throne. Being a big brother comes with its own expectations whether you are a young royal or not. As Royal Baby #2 (we're still waiting on her name) grows up, she is gong to be looking to Prince George as her example, her friend, and probably even as her hero. While we have offered up 11 books the Prince can consult at every age of his life on how to be the best big brother he possibly can be, a few more fictional role models from the realm of television and film can only help the Prince prepare for his new title.

Given how close in age Prince George and his little sister are, the royal children will be growing up together. Even though Prince George only has two years on the Princess, he will still be forging an example for her to follow. As the youngest Royals, the duo will always share the spotlight and that means Prince George will have to learn to share his parents attention, be both brother and friend to the Princess, and if another Royal baby comes along in the future, he may even be tasked with passing on his older sibling knowledge to his sister.

1. Arthur, Arthur

Arthur is a great starter big brother for Prince George to take notes from. Most of the time, Arthur's little sister D.W. drives him crazy. As the baby of the family, D.W. gets her way more often than Arthur does, she wants to hang out with Arthur and his friends, and she can be a teensy bit annoying— basically, she is the quintessential little sister. With patience and a little help from the library, Arthur works hard not to be too tough on D.W., and he even tries to include her in his fun sometimes. Arthur is a great example to help Prince George navigate those years when the Princess will be too young to be his best friend, but still want to hang out with him all the time anyway.

2. Max, Hocus Pocus

Max is not the perfect big brother, but even in the midst of his own angst-ridden teen years he is capable of realizing he only has one little sister and she is amazing (even if she does drive him crazy). As far as Max's sister Dani is concerned, her brother is a total hero, and even though he is not without his flaws, he always comes through for Dani in the end. From Max, Prince George can learn he will always wear a crown in his little sister's eyes.

3. Ron, Harry Potter

Until Ginny came along, Ron was the youngest member of the Weasley family. He never held a grudge against his little sister though, and in fact, he embraced his role as her older brother. At times he even risked his life to save her. Being so close in age was both a good and a bad thing for Ron and Ginny. On the one hand, they grew up together, but on the other, Ron had to deal with uncomfortable things like Ginny falling for his best friend. Prince George will likely face similar struggles as the Princess gets older, but like Ron, he should have his sister's back no matter what.

4. Dipper, Gravity Falls

Technically, Dipper and Mabel are twins (and Mabel was born first), but he certainly acts like a big brother. Dipper and Mabel are best friends as well as siblings, and while Dipper is five minutes younger, he always looks after Mabel. Occasionally, the siblings will fight, but they always realize they are stronger together than they are apart. Hopefully, Prince George will always feel the same way about the Princess.

5. Andy, Toy Story

Even though Andy grew up in the background of the Toy Story films it was clear he was an amazing big brother. He was often seen looking out for Molly when they were young, and he even shared his beloved toys with her. What makes Andy a truly great example is that he seemed to learn a lot about responsibility and gender equality from being Molly's big brother. After all, when it came time to find a home for his old toys, he gave his space ranger and cowboy to a little girl.

6. Dean, Supernatural

There really is no big brother more epic than Dean Winchester. There is absolutely nothing he wouldn't do for his kid brother Sam. If Prince George ever needs a reminder about how vital family is, all he has to do is look up Dean.

7. Will, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will was not Ashley's biological big brother, but he was her big brother in every way that counts. When Ashley needed advice, Will was there. When she needed a shoulder to cry on, Will was there. When she had an impromptu dance party, yep, Will was there. Prince George can definitely look to the Fresh Prince as a superb example of how to be the kind of big brother his sister deserves.

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