Tom Hiddleston Is A Total Dork

Coming from a posh background, and with an interest in things like Shakespeare and smart suits, Tom Hiddleston can often be written off as super serious. But of course, the actor is no such thing. True, he knows how to conduct himself in a solemn way when speaking or acting, but there are times Tom Hiddleston is also super goofy. That's what makes him so much fun. He can give an interview and somberly dissect Loki's demons, and then, in another interview, he'll talk about bronies and pretend to be Natalie Portman.

He has both a serious side and a silly side. So, in the interest of reminding everyone just what a dork Hiddles can be, I've rounded up some of his funniest pictures. This is a man who will pose for red carpet paparazzi without cracking a smile, but will grin like an idiot for fan photos. He's such an interesting character. What's cool about Hiddleston is that he has a very expressive face. He laughs with his whole mouth all the way up to his eyes. It's often joked that he has more acting talent in one eyebrow than some actors have in their whole bodies. His range of facial expressions makes him kind of like a human emoji, and it also helps him be a great actor.

But most importantly, it gives us these funny photos.

This Bunny Ears Selfie

Just another example of how good Hiddles is with children.

When He Was In A Photo Booth With Emma Watson

Can I 'ship him and Emma Watson, please?

And At The Crimson Peak Wrap Party

Hiddleston + photo booths = amazingness.

When He Got Into The Silly Spirit For These Fan Photos

Whichever fan captured these shots is one lucky Hiddlestoner.

When He Got Caught Eating Chocolate


When He Described His Fear Of Being In Helicopters

You can practically feel his terror.

When He Bit Thor

That's one way to defeat the Asgardian god.

When He Tried To Wink

So suave.

When He Sported A Mustache

Named Wendy, of course.

When He Did The Duck Face

Classic selfie pose.

When He Tried To Lift Thor's Hammer

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cheesin' like a champ.

When He Hung Out With Josh Horowitz

These two are so much fun together.

When He #WokeUpLikeThis

Still sexy even when he's got bed head.

Images: BBC; iloveloki123 (2)/Tumblr; Getty Images