Awwww, You Guuuuysssss!

Is there anything more heartwarming than two people deciding that they don't want to be married, only to decide a few months later that they do want to be married? Pretty sure that's true love's purest form: rejection, followed by intense co-dependency needs and/or actual emotions of fondness and deep affection. Which is why the likely fact, but still a rumor report that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are back together is so great. They're exhibiting their lobster tendencies! And it's sweet.

The New York Daily News claims that their spy on the red carpet for the premiere of Douglas's new movie Last Vegas overheard the 69-year-old actor talk to his estranged wife on the phone, called her "honey," and was wearing his wedding ring, which he had for a chunk of time, gone without.

After the movie, it's said that Douglas couldn't stop talking about Zeta-Jones at the after party and sources claim that she's moved back into their Manhattan apartment. "They're fighting hard" to keep their marriage alive, and both have been spotted with wedding rings INTACT. If ever there was a sign...

If you'll remember, the couple announced their separation back in August. The news then was that they were taking a break and that no legal separation papers had been filed — turns out, that "we're on a break" report seems to have been accurate. Also, at the Emmys in September, Douglas thanked his wife for her support. Clearly, things between them were never too too bad.

Now, after two months apart, Douglas and Zeta-Jones are willing to give their 13-year union another shot. Guys! Isn't that the best? Good for them. In this harsh, cold world where love never lasts and the only fairytale ending we get is a wolf who eats our grandmother, it's nice to see that there are still some humans out there who are willing to make things work. Throat cancer via HPV and all.