Local News Anchor Dressed As Ron Burgundy Really Committed To His 'Anchorman' Costume

Fans of Boise, Idaho's KIVI news witnessed something beautiful on Halloween when sports director Paul Gerke really committed to his Halloween costume. Like, really. Gerke did the entire broadcast as Ron Burgundy, complete with the red suit, mustache, and a shit ton of Anchorman quotes. Fortunately, he must have better self-control when it comes to the teleprompter, as was able to refrain from saying, "Go fuck yourself, Boise," probably because he was too busy dreaming about a whale's vagina to read the teleprompter anyway.

The only downside to his report? How boring he makes the other two anchors seem, when they lamely reference Weekend Update and throw on some unimpressive Halloween headgear. Couldn't spring for the Veronica Corningstone and Brick Tamland costumes, guys?

Gerke may have shoehorned in some of the quotes, but the guy can stay in character. Everything he says is in full Burgundy tone, and he seems like just as much of a jackass as the real legendary anchor — hopefully that's on purpose. If his bosses weren't impressed, Gerke should definitely have a backup job in the inevitable third Anchorman.

The only thing missing? Baxter, of course. Next year, can someone please get Gerke some better coworkers and a dog? I'm sure the fine people of Boise will reward with him with cases of scotchy scotch scotch. For now, watch the video and see how Gerke did.